The 7 types of vacationers you will see on Facebook
|   Jul 01, 2014
The 7 types of vacationers you will see on Facebook

So how was Disneyland? Which one was it - Euro Disney or Hong Kong? Ohhh Orlando, the real deal - r.e.s.p.e.c.t! Hey, those skydiving pics from Switzerland were awesome. Beach bumming in Bali . . . sigh, that’s the life. Yes, yes, I saw those pictures of Universal Studio in Singapore. Getting exotic in Santorini? Ahhh . . . that cool snowclad mountainside in Gulmarg and that peaceful Shikara ride on Dal Lake. Oh you went higher - upto Leh and the Three Idiots Lake?


We didn’t bother to call you for our kid’s mid-summer birthday party or for a movie playdate because we knew you were in some exotic location, busy with some super-exciting adventure. And if your adventures caught our attention, you can be sure we will be taking notes from you for our next vacation. Whatever your destination and however long the duration, your holiday is sure to have been recorded for posterity on social media, in some way or the other.


Here are 7 types of vacationers we spotted on Facebook. Which one (or ones) are you?


The jet set family: This family has covered more destinations in their 10 day vacation than you may have visited in 10 years. In the time it took you to drive from Greater Kailash to The Great Kabab Factory, this family has posted pictures of themselves having breakfast in Cannes, lunch in Amsterdam and dinner in Interlaken. We’re super inspired and just slightly exhausted trying to follow their travels. But their fresh faced selfies at every location belie any travel fatigue that affects lesser mortals attempting to go around-half-the-world-in-8-days!


The exotic adventurers: This family set out with an agenda and by God, they did it! From the youngest to the eldest, this family trekked, hiked, climbed, walked, ran, sailed, parasailed, swam, dived, skydived, scuba-dived . . . and we did it all with them through their pictures. We needed resuscitation for just clicking ‘Likes’ and commenting ‘Wow’ while this superhuman family set out day after day for a new adventure. Salute!


Desi girls and boys: We love this family for making Indian holiday destinations look as glamorous and in some cases, more so than their international counterparts.  Thrown in are some drool-worthy pictures of delicious regional cuisine or good ol’ Maggi, that alone are incentive enough to put that destination on our travel wishlist. We also made viral those quirky roadside signs in murdered English and those menus proudly listing ‘Wiskee, Vadka, Jin and Child Beer sarved with Chegan Rolls, Chainiz Munchooriyan and Mango Moose Cake.’


The tagged vacationers: We wouldn’t have known where this family went for their vacations had it not been for other friends who tagged them in their pictures. Maybe the tagged vacationers are shy and prefer to be understated or maybe they just wanted to stay under the radar of the countless buas/chachas/mamas/bhaisahebs who live in the city. If you reveal your presence to one, you have to meet them all and your quiet vacation transforms into the Great Indian Relatives Parade. Game up guys, you’ve been tagged!


The explorers of the unknown: This is the Christopher Columbus family we all need in our lives. Bet you wouldn’t have heard of half of the destinations this family went to! And bet double or nothing, you have half of them on your own wishlist now, after seeing their gorgeous pictures in those stunning locations. This family will not settle for anything ‘done’ and research well in advance to make sure they stay off the beaten track. And if their pictures are anything to go by, sigh . . . that was a research job well done.


The posers: We’ve still not figured out which place this family travelled to, because all we have seen are these beautifully posed pictures of the kids, of the parents, of the kids and parents, of mom and daughter, of dad and son, of dad and daughter, of  . . . .you get the drift! There’s not much of a background visible, just perfectly styled pictures. Well, you’ve got our likes and “Awww, how beautiful” kind of comments. Now enough of the suspense, just tell us where you went.


And finally - The travelogger: Even if you were not interested, this family made sure you knew where they were and what they were doing every quarter of the day. From “We’re off for the hills” at 6 am to “Paratha and Makhan Breakfast at Murthal” at 9 am, they posted an update and pictures at an average of every three hours. Brilliant traffic updates for other travellers close on their heels, if any! For the rest of us, well we managed to keep up with you till Murthal, and then we kind of got lost in the traffic of updates. We still ‘Like’ you, though!

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