Giving mom the gift of Love
|   May 06, 2015
Giving mom the gift of Love

Way back in 1990s, when my brother and I were kids, we used to buy mom gifts that we wanted. Perhaps, a teddy bear or even a fancy pen. We used to convince mom that she really needed it. She used to smile knowingly and then say that we should use it because she wanted to share it with us. Ofcourse, that was the intent of the whole gifting plan wasn’t it. We thought we knew mom so well.

2015: I am a mom of two kids. My kids pick gifts that they think are great for me and I say WOW thank you. But, (as a wiser person) I too know that this is what they want. So I go ahead and ‘share’ it with them. 

But there was this little nagging feeling that I had not done right by my mom. As a mom, I now know exactly what she needed. I certainly can’t go back in time, but I can do something today. I am no longer a child who doesn’t understand what my mom needs. I know a call enquiring about her and listening to all her little quirks gives her peace of mind. I know that taking her out shopping or on holidays makes her feel good. I know that I should give heed to her advise and do something that atleast meets both our requirements half way. Needless to say, birthdays, #MothersDay  and all other events don’t mean standard online gifts for mom. I prefer give her memories, something she will cherish for the rest of her life.  

Yes, maybe there is a little part that hopes that my kids will do the same for me when I am older. Maybe I am setting an example for them to follow? I am not sure. All I know is that being a mom isn’t easy. And as many others have said so before me….you can never know what a mother is until you become one. Not a day goes by, when I am not thankful for the two mothers in my life……my mom and my mom-in-law. These are two strong women who have given us more than anyone else ever has. And I am truly grateful. So should I do something this, #MothersDay  ? Ofcourse, but not just that day….I want to do something everyday….#EveryDayIsMothersDay!

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