Kids and reading
|   Feb 11, 2016
Kids and reading

All of us today want our kids to read. We read to them when they are in our tummies, we read to them as soon as they are born and we keep reading until we think they are ready to read on their own. This is due to our immense desire, that our kids succeed at everything they do. We want them to know everything they possibly can, before they even start school. 

Many parents today worry that their kids don't read or maybe that they don't read enough. What makes things worse is that parents tend to force kids to read and that too, a book of their choice. But think about it. We are trying to make reading fun and are yet trying to get kids to read books that impart knowledge. I am talking about the kind of knowledge that they get in school, the text book type. Learning geography in school and then reading the same thing at home, is not so much fun. It takes the enthusiasm out of reading. So should we force kids? Absolutely not. We encourage them in little ways, one of which may include us grown ups showing an interest in reading too. If we are hooked to tv or to our smart phones, can we expect anything better from our kids? Another thing to remember is that comics are books too. However, for some reason, most of us just assume that they are garbage, since it doesn't fall into our 'literature' category. Let the kids read any book they want. What I noticed is that most of them enjoy stories where kids are heroes, make their own choices and have their own adventures. This could be a spooky book, an adventurous one or a plain simple everyday story book. It doesn't matter if your child is a boy or girl, if they are 6 or 10, let them read what they want to. I myself enjoy reading fairy tales even today. Cinderella remains my ever time favorite.

No doubt, reading has several advantages, but remember, the idea is to make reading fun. So let the kids read what they want to. If not today, they will someday pick up the habit, with a slight nudge from us. 

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