Learning to relax
|   Jul 09, 2017
Learning to relax

After a long day at work and much longer drive home, all I wanted to do was stretch my feet and rest. I hoped someone would get me that much needed tea and play some soft music in the background as I relaxed. My kids however, had other ideas.

They had been waiting for mommy to get home so that they could talk about their day and play some games. I needed a few minutes to freshen up before I sat with them. I was hungry and tired, but the kids were eagerly waiting. I took a few extra minutes attending to some urgent office mails. My kids had got impatient by then. Amma, are you coming? I hoped to buy some time, by telling them that I had to attend to some urgent mails. The truth was that, I didn't want to play. Five minutes later, my kids yelled, ‘can you come play football with us?’ Football? I gasped a little. My body was aching and I wasn’t in the mood to play anything physically tiring. Can the two of you play together I asked, hoping that I could be exempted from playing. But no, they wanted me to play. It’s more fun when you are there too, they said. But, was it really going to be fun, I wondered, given my current mood. I decided I wanted to grab something to eat first. I convinced the kids that eating a bowl of fruits would give us the energy to play. They asked me to hurry up.  I took another 15 minutes.

I was hoping they had forgotten about including me in their game, but they didn’t. It seemed that I would get no respite that day. That’s when I decided to give in and play. For the next half hour, my kids and I played a game of football, with lots of loud laughter, made up rules and points that didn’t matter. At the end of it, I found myself feeling on top of the world. I had just had the most amazing time and had completely forgotten all about my long taxing day. At that moment, I realized that I didn’t need the tea or the soft music, all I needed was the company of my happy kids to rejuvenate and refresh!

After my kids went to sleep that night, I looked at them, feeling guilty about how I had tried avoiding them earlier that day. I may be the power woman at work and the head of housekeeping at home, but I needed my kids to teach me a lesson on how to really relax and have fun.


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