Making time for kids
|   Dec 21, 2016
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Making time for kids

I have to set reminders now. This weekend, I looked at my schedule and it looked like I had several birthday parties to attend. That, along with my office related work and household chores pretty much choked my calendar. Weekdays were however, still better than weekends. Although all this seems crazy, I think of my kids as a blessing. And it is very important that I spend enough time growing up and laughing with them. It’s as much a wonderful experience for me, as it is for them.


As a full time working mom, I make use of every minute that we get together to nurture and help my baby grow. When I am driving, I talk to them about the colours on the traffic light, the bright coloured vehicles on the road and sometimes I sing along with the radio. I have noticed how easy it is for the kids to absorb knowledge when you are teaching them practically. Even as I work in the kitchen, we play games like ‘I spy with my eye’ that help them look for things. I play colour games with them helping them identify various hues and shades of things in the house. We also play memory games using veggies and fruits, hidden in various areas of the kitchen. It not only teaches them names of fruits, it also helps build their concentration skills.


My once spotlessly clean house is now in a mess most of the time and this is because I let the kids be on their own. I let them play with any toy of their choice, sometimes even mixing and matching, creating their own imaginary world. This is a world that us grown-ups simply cannot understand and no amount of education will prepare us to deal with the way kids think and act. A big part of the happiness lies in watching them and learning with them. There are days when I feel like sitting out in the balcony with them, sipping some hot cocoa, as we look at the clouds in the sky and point out different shapes. They look like a bird, a horse or sometimes a flower. I listen to all their questions, the thousand whys and although I often do have the right grown up answers for them, I give them an answer they will understand. This also helps them understand that mommy cares about them.


Experts think that we should have a meal as a family, but given the rat race in which we live, we do not always have the time to eat a meal together. But we still try to eat at least a snack or have our beverages together and discuss anything and everything on our minds. I let them dip their hands into their food and eat it the way they want to. It’s ok if they mess up their clothes and get permanent stain on it. I still let them be. It teaches them to learn to eat their own food and thoroughly enjoy what they are eating, instead of being forced by mommy.


After a long exhausting day, my favorite time of the day is when the kids fall asleep. They look like angels. I want to make sure that I am always available for them and that they are important to us. So I lay down beside them and comfort them as they sleep.

I am not sure even today if I am doing right by my children, but that will not stop me from trying to teach them everything I possibly can from the environment around them. The best way for them to grow, is by giving them the attention that is due to them as parents.

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