Me, my spouse and our parenting bond
|   Aug 30, 2015
Me, my spouse and our parenting bond

I am not even sure where to begin. How much do I love thee, my dear husband. You have always stood by my side: First at our wedding, then at the hospital as I delivered our two bundles of joy and also for every family photo shoot. You have slept by my side, even as I struggled to sleep during the early days of motherhood. You have laughed by my side everytime I cribbed, yelled and screamed.  

Today 11 years and 2 kids later, I am so happy to see how we have together evolved as parents. I cannot say enough about the support you show me . The way you think I should give quality time to kids by leaving me alone with them, even as you go out with your friends for a night out. I also love it when you let the kids accompany me on my shopping trips, so that they learn the value of money from me, even as you sit alone at home and watch some ‘boring’ cricket matches. And ofcourse there are those fun times when we dine out and you let the kids sit with me and eat from my plate, because you are trying to help me not put on any weight by overeating.

You have always believed in the good cop- bad cop theory and have been readily playing the role of a bad cop, so selflessly each and everytime. How else will the kids know the difference between a clean and dirty home? While you teach them that its ok to leave things lying around, not to pick up toys and leave muddy trails all over, I (the good cop), cleans up after them. While you let them wear old, worn out dirty clothes and stinky socks, I give them fresh set of clothes to wear.

Of late, it has been really wonderful to see the way you bond with the kids…you know what I am talking about. The hush hush whispers that you share with the kids about how not to make mommy unhappy by telling her all that you did…like about how you secretly buy chocolates for them or about how you went late for a class or even about how you broke my precious vase at home. Who knew that daddies could bond so well with kids and yet be so sensitive towards the feelings of mommies. Who knew indeed!

I hope my dear, that you understand how really really thankful I am for the wonderful things you do for me and the fact that we are ParentingFromTheSamePage.  Ofcourse, you must admit that not everyone gets a wife like me ….someone who is made of sarcasm, might and everything right!

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