My first pregnancy story
|   Oct 08, 2016
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My first pregnancy story

We were trying for a baby and we expected it to happen soon. And yet, I waited for about 8 weeks before I even tested. The reason was that, I had no nausea, no fainting spells or any cravings, as I had seen in the movies. After 8 weeks of waiting, I finally decided to take the test. The moment we saw the two pink lines, we were thrilled. Tears flowed down my eyes and I could not control the emotions. I am not normally the type to cry, but in that one moment, they just wouldn’t stop.


The first thing to do was to meet a doctor and confirm that all was well. Now, this was a scary thing for me. I was worried if the home test was indeed right and if it was, would the baby be in the right position, could they spot a heartbeat? I was a nervous wreck as we met the doctor. My husband, who was by me didn’t seem to show any anxiety. Was he alright I wondered. Did he care? When it was time for the ultrasound, I felt my heart beating fast. I wondered if the sound of my heartbeat would prevent the doctor from hearing the baby’s. The extremely patient doctor however, easily guided us through what she was seeing and for us, the vision of the little speck with a beating heart is a memory that we will never ever forget.


Once we came out of the clinic, we discussed how to break the news to family. Let’s just call them, said my husband. So we did just that! Needless to say the family was ecstatic. My mom went overdrive and gave me instructions on how to commute to work, what to eat, what not to eat, how to sit, how to stand, what hymns to chant, what music to listen to and how important it was to stay happy! I tried to follow everything to the best of my abilities. But it definitely wasn’t easy. Habits are not easy to break!


The only thing we were really worried about during those early months was if it would be a boy or girl and what would we name the baby. Until the time I entered the second trimester, I hardly felt pregnant and went about my routines as usual. It’s only when the baby started kicking, that I started feeling that there was an actual person growing inside me. The emotions too came in full force. There were sad moments when I cried and happy moments when I sat by the balcony enjoying the beautiful environment around me. There were days when I did not want to eat and others when I only wanted to eat chats from the roadside vendors. My mood swings turned uglier by the third trimester and I found myself getting angry quite often. The breathlessness I experienced didn’t help matters either.


In the midst of all this, my family decided to have the traditional bangle ceremony, the Indian version of the baby shower. Being the center of attraction in the family and having everyone fuss over you is the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s also the time when everyone guesses if it is going to be a boy or girl. Everyone has their own creative assumptions. But I had my own gut instincts.


The nine months, they pass so quickly. And the happiest feeling in the world is when you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms. All the labor pains and the hardships before are all forgotten. One look at that innocent face is enough to make you feel blessed to have become a parent. It was only but natural that we chose J&J products for our baby. We had all the essentials packed beforehand, so that we would have the J&J liquid body wash, the moisturizer and talcum powder handy. It was refreshing to know that the doctors recommended the same products too. And when an opportunity came up to write for J&J, I didn’t have to think twice. Reliving the memories of having my two wonderful angels and sharing the journey with the world has been an amazing experience.J&J and being a mom, this is how I felt

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