My sensitivity to my baby’s sensitive skin
|   Oct 22, 2016
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My sensitivity to my baby’s sensitive skin

When you think of a baby, you think of smooth skin. You assume that all babies have the perfect skin.  However, when my daughter was born, I noticed that her skin was extremely dry. At first, I assumed that it would get better in a few days,  but it didn’t. I realized then, that babies are most prone to skin irritation, rashes and other skin conditions.  This means that we mothers play a crucial role in taking care of our babies’ skin. Nothing really comes naturally!

I enjoy my long warm baths since it is so refreshing, however, I realized that babies only need to be given short baths. Never more than five minutes, is my mom’s advice. Bathing gets rid of natural oils along with the dirt. Their skin wrinkles up like raisins if given long baths and can lead to scaly dry skin conditions. Before every bath, I used to oil massage my baby with Johnson’s baby oil and leave it on for a few minutes till it was absorbed by the skin. Only then, would I give my baby a bath. One must have thing for me was a soft baby towel, which I used to pat my baby’s skin dry. Anything with rough cloth is a complete no no. Immediately after the bath, I used moisturizer to retain the moisture in the skin. Use a thick moisturizer. Remember that moisturizing has to be done immediately and that too in a soft circular motion. If you live in an air-conditioned house, or in cold weather conditions, make sure the baby’s skin is moisturized at regular intervals throughout the day. Just remember to use gentle soaps and moisturizers.  If you use cloth diapers, then make sure that the detergents you use to wash them are also gentle. Also, make sure you use soft fabrics on baby’s clothes. Anything that is rough can cause itchiness and make dry skin worse!

My baby in fact, had really dry skin. I thought she was actually peeling. Baby’s do have extra sensitive skin and more prone to drying out. Besides moisturizing, I also made sure, my baby was getting enough liquids. As time went by, I noticed that the new layer of skin came through and how soft her skin had become. But that did not mean that I gave up on the regular routines. Moisturizing is a part of our everyday schedule. I also make sure that she is well moisturized at night before she goes to sleep. I hope to see her grow up one day and be proud of the skin she has.

One of my most treasured memories is of the day my little one took her first steps. And with J&J, it's been extra special.

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