The art of letter writing and other things we no longer teach our kids
|   Jun 21, 2014
The art of letter writing and other things we no longer teach our kids

The other day, I received a letter by post! Noone sends me letters anymore.....just some bills and the occassional wedding invites. But this was a letter, an actual one.........something I had not received in years! It was from my 6 year old, who had learnt all about the postoffice and art of letter writing from school. So he posted it on a Tuesday, with his teacher's help and I received it on Wednesday (snail mail, they call it!). I read it, almost wept and tucked it safely away in my box of treasures. This made me think of the things we once used to do and how different circumstances are today.

When away from family, the only way we communicated was through phones, no sms, no apps, and definitely no emails. On my birthday, I used to receive a lot of greeting cards from friends and well-wishers! When I mentioned this, my son wants to know what a greeting card is! Time to revive the postal service huh?

Our very busy lifestyle has also made us rely on readymade masalas, ready made pastes and sauces for our lunch boxes. My mom and my grandmoms made things for us from scratch and they tasted awesome. I do not have words to describe the wonderful taste of pickles that my grandmoms made and stored in traditional ceramic jars. Will I be able to grind, pound and mash on any given weekend? I am not sure.....maybe I like my conveniences, maybe I am just plain lazy.

When I was a child, my aunts made me some lovely smock, lace and embroidered gowns. They are can't see a single bad stitch on those. Now, I buy ready made stuff for my kids that may or may not have flawless work done on them.Can I sew......yes. Can I knit/crochet.....yes. My mom taught me that. Do I have the patience to do intricate work? Nope.

My grandmoms made breakfast, then snacks, then lunch, then snacks and dinner on an everyday basis. I have toast, cereals, one pot meals and easy quick dinner recipes and on days that I am unwell... it's hotels zindabad! Snacks are for special days when I have some spare time. Most snacks are junk food they say.......and yet, my grandparents all lived to a ripe old age. Hmm....

The games we played required that we go outdoors, make new friends with the neighbourhood kids and make do with whatever was available. We played hide and seek, tag, hopscotch and during the rainy season, we made our own game cards with pieces of paper. These games sell as board games today for which we pay a lot of money.

Things have changed indeed. Receiving the letter though, brought back a lot of interesting memories, which I plan to share with the kids......just to let them know what it was like to grow up in a pre-computer era.





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