Where are you my friend? I miss you
|   Jun 17, 2016
Where are you my friend? I miss you

You know I am a mom who works at home and who has a career outside the home. I am someone who believes in doing everything independently to the best of my abilities. So I don’t keep a maid. You know my kids have been taught to put their things away and clean up after them. My spouse helps around at home. I also know how to manage my time well. So I also pursue my hobbies passionately.

But this does not change the fact that I am someone who loves to go out, have fun and relax. So why are you scared to enter my home? Do you worry about the mess your kids will make and the cleaning work I will have to do? Do you worry about bothering me because I am a busy mother. Not everything changes with motherhood. I do take out the time to answer all your messages and emails, so I hope this helps you understand that I value my friends. I miss the times when you called me and wished me for my birthday, I miss the times I got invited to movies and gatherings. Why has it all changed? Won’t you even ask me if I would like to go? Do you just assume that I am so terribly busy with my kids, home and career, that I no longer am a fun person to be with? Do you think I have no time on my hands because I don’t have any helping hands at home?

I tried reaching out, but you choose to stay away. You stop talking to me, because you need maids and cooks, while I don’t. I am no super human, but I have this ability to multitask. Accept it! You are better at so many things that I am not, so don’t judge me on what I can do and you cannot. We are all special in our own unique ways. So will you still choose to stay away? Let's not compare our lives, our kids or our spouses. This is the time I need you around, to help me cope with the stress of daily life. Let’s laugh together and wipe our woes away. Come back my friend, I miss you.

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