Why should women fear taking up a job after a baby
|   Nov 18, 2015
Why should women fear taking up a job after a baby

I know a lot of smart young professionals who quit their jobs to take care of their babies. It just wasn’t working they said. Family came first. Eventually, they became stay at home mommies and never returned to work.

While they often pride themselves on choosing family over a career,  I must say that I often wonder where their passion went….the same passion they had even as they went on with their education, their early careers and life before they had a baby. Does it simply disappear? Or do they make a compromise to take care of the baby (ies) in their life.  I often wonder why some people take up their artistic passions as a second innings career instead of the career they had chosen before the baby.  

Is the world with its forward thinking and quick changing mindsets, still not open to letting women continue with their chosen career path after they become mothers? Does the world still not offer flexible work options to mothers as and when they need them? Why do well read, extremely intelligent women have to take a backseat and give up their careers permanently post motherhood?

I think of the women who do not have this choice to back out of a career and have to continue to work due to financial obligations. I think of the women who do not have a support system at home and are forced to use the services of a daycare or of a nanny. Some women continue to work to ensure that their education does not go to a waste. But the fact remains that they have all been forced to find a solution.  It’s not easy and probably they had to think several times before they planned a baby knowing what that entailed.  But, they continue to work and tackle the everyday challenges it brings.

Sadly, even as when women are being given the opportunity to scale great heights in terms of their education, a large section of the world still does not offer them the right kind of environment to balance both their career and motherhood aspirations. When will it all change I wonder? How long will women continue to take a backseat, give up on the passion that set them to complete an education of their choice? How long?

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