5 Ways to make Parenthood a Joyful Journey
|   Nov 19, 2014
5 Ways to make Parenthood a Joyful Journey

Parenthood to my sense is actually funny, because we as parents try to do things that no one has ever known how to do perfect. So there are as such no benchmarks but still we set them. Even if we have 10 children and we may have raised first 9 with ease, the 10th one can still give us a Task!!!

With this little article of mine, we will explore how we can create a healthy relationship between us and our children:

1) Create the right atmosphere - Creating the right ambience is critical, right ambience / atmosphere means the one with sense of joy, love, care and discipline both within us and in our home. It's important that our kids live a little more joyful, with fewer fears, less prejudice, less entanglement, less hatred and less misery. 

We must aim for this.

2) Know what our children need - Sometimes we as parents in our own aspiration and ambition make our children super strong and unnecessary put them through too much of hardship. May be we try to make them what we could not. Let's accept that there are no standard rule for all children, for each child is different. No perfect rule can be drawn as to how much to do or not to.

 Each child needs different level of attention, love and toughness. 

3) Learn from our children - Most of us believe as soon as we have children, it's time to become teachers, but in reality it should be the other way. It's time for us to learn from them weather its love, adjustments, compassion or patience, they teach us all. 

The only thing that we might / must teach them is survival.

4) Just let your child be - If we as parents are truly concerned about our children, we must raise them in such a way that the child will never have the need for the parents . The process of loving them should always be liberating one and not entangling. Let's allow them to look around, spend time with nature and himself. Let's not impose our morals, religion and ideas in any which way. 

Let's allow his intelligence to grow up naturally.

5) Be a joyful and peaceful being - If we want our child to be happy, we should be happy. It's as simple as that. Let's not exhibit tension, fear, anger, jealousy or at least let’s try showing it as less as possible. 

Let's keep a control on our own behavior, speech, actions and behavior at all times. 

Parenthood and especially motherhood is a awesome experience and if we are able to live up to it in the most healthy way , we see it nurturing in our children's upbringing and no joy can be more than this joy of seeing our children growing up in a healthy way!

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