4  Reasons To Get Your Kids Cooking In The Kitchen Today
|   Dec 12, 2016
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4  Reasons To Get Your Kids Cooking In The Kitchen Today

Getting a healthy meal on the table can be a major feat in any busy mom’s day. We are often tempted to ban the kids from the kitchen to avoid a mess or so that we can cook in peace. But here’s another angle... By encouraging your child to pitch in while you cook, with doable, age-appropriate tasks, over time, you’ll find your rhythm together and realize that your child is making a real contribution to meal.  And more importantly, there are many vital benefits from getting your children involved, besides the little extra help you are getting. Take a look at a list of the wisdom that gets passed on when kids cook..

Cooking is a Life Skill: Much like driving a car, learning to read, or swimming. In today’s age when the age old home science class is not a part of school and the craze for academic success, we often prepare kids for a US education but forget they need to know to cook and clean to survive on their own. Start the cooking lessons at a young age, when kids are eager to learn and experiment, before it becomes is chore. Why, it just landed a 6year old Kicha in the Ellen de generes show!

Cooking is a super Study Skills booster: Doubling a recipe requires addition or multiplication skills, halving it requires division, and recipe fractions like 1/2 cup and 3/4 teaspoon bring math applications into the kitchen. Measures of volume and weight bring in day to day math concepts. Often, kids don't recognize they are practicing math!

Reading and understanding step-by-step directions, adding ingredients in sequence, and techniques such as folding and blending, are all important components to yielding the perfect recipe. Working on improving reading comprehension skills and fine motor skills at the same time is an added bonus!

Cooking is a real life science experiment. Too much salt, baking powder, not enough flour, or the wrong timing and you're likely to have a sunken cake, a burnt mess or a soggy vegetable on your hands. Cooking provides an opportunity for kids to get hands-on experience with basic science.

Cooking foods from other cuisines is a great time to bring in a Geography lesson on where the country is and the weather there. You can bring in the history of that culture and talk about why those cultures might eat certain foods, which ingredients they use and how they cook.

Cooking together can foster Healthy Eating Habits: Cooking together, chopping vegetables, reducing the junk with healthy substitutes, adding in nuts, using fortified oils like Sunny Oils, mixing in different food groups become a way of life for kids when they participate in the cooking. By the time they leave home, you will feel good knowing that they will never settle for vending machines and frozen dinners. #karo ek healthy future ka wada

Learning to appreciate the effort: Putting a meal on the table is hard work. Becoming aware of the entire process from getting the vegetables and raw ingredients, to the washing to the cutting and cooking to the final dish and the kitchen clean up after involve a significant effort every day. Being involved in meal preparation even once per week will make your kids appreciate the effort that goes into it.

Last but not least, cooking is fun! Having fun with your child in the kitchen builds positive memories, tasty healthy food habits and a wonderful sense of independence. With all the benefits of teaching kids to cook, and no limits with starting, what are you waiting for? Truly #sahikhilao future banao

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