5 Immune boosting ideas for healthy kids and happy tummies
|   Dec 23, 2016
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5 Immune boosting ideas for healthy kids and happy tummies

Did you know winter is a wonderful time to actually boost your immunity

Ayurvedha describes winter as the best season to boost the Kalaj (Seasonal immunity due to the change of seasons, different stages of life, and planetary cycles). Simply put, when digestion is strong and appetite is good, then immunity is strengthened. Whatever weakens digestion, weakens immunity. It's that simple!

Our digestive system actually is working at a higher and better rate in winter. Of course we feel hungrier! But it’s the end of the year, a time for vacations and holiday parties. From holiday cookies and decadent hot chocolate ..lots of fatty, high-calorie foods are more readily available during the most wonderful time of the year. So, if as our appetite increases we end up eating more junk food and heavy, hard-to-digest foods, we end up weakening our immunity So instead let us choose wisely we can nourish our families more. Now given the hunger and energy requirement of the kids, I find that protein rich recipes work the best for these winter holidays. Here are my top five protein rich, immunity boosting favourites to keep you healthy and your tummy happy this winter! Chalo #Karo ek healthy future ka wada

1. Peanut Chaat

 Groundnuts or Mungfalli is a must eat in winter delicious and satisfying snack-not to mention healthy and low-fat! Simply mix ginger, chili, 1/2 teaspoon salt, cumin seed powder, red chili powder, black pepper, sugar, mango powder and lemon juice together with boiled and cooled peanuts. Add in diced tomatoes and cucumbers and it makes an super easy anytime spicy snack.

2. Chilly Cheese Soya

The Chinese delight is a simple recipe of preparing soaked and pressure cooked soya chunks in a sweet and sour sauce. Toss in a few coloured capsicums and this delicious treat is sure fire winter winner

3. Moong Dal and Paneer Chila

Except for remembering to soak the moong about 3-4 hrs prior, this is a a melt in your mouth, super satisfying guaranteed kid favourite,chock full of nutrients to boost your kids energy and health!

4. Sweet Potato Pancake

 This super simple super healthy pancake calls only for two ingredients! Just mashed cooled, roasted sweet potato and eggs. I generally add in some nutmeg and cinnamon. These scrumptious wonders pack in the goodness of sweet potato and a super dollop of protein sure to keep you feeling good !

5. All in one Winter Spice Mix:

This is good old spice mixture for enhancing immunity. · 6 parts turmeric

· 3 parts cumin

· 3 parts coriander

· 6 parts fennel

· 1 part powdered dry ginger

· 1 part black pepper

· ¼ part ground cinnamon

Dry roast and powder this potent mix and add to meal atleast per day. Add to hot ghee or use fortified oils. Eg: Sunny Oil with its unique ‘Power of 5 provides a balanced proportion of nutritive element and adds in Vitmains A , D and E, supports the immune system and is naturally cholesterol free. Drizzle on vegetables, rice or other grains, add to a soup or add it to your paratha dough. It is a sure fire way to keep your kids away from those allergies and strengthen their immune system.

Hope these tips help you keep your family extra healthy this winter. Do share any special tips you have as well, in the comments!

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