Quality Time in a box . ..Hands on Learning toys from Wonderboxx
|   Aug 20, 2015
Quality Time in a box . ..Hands on Learning toys from Wonderboxx

"Creativity is just intelligence having fun” said Einstein.  And there is no better place to see this in action than when your kid is deeply engrossed in play, tinkering with his favourite toys , well in my case, sprinkled with lots of random assorted stuff . Did I mention my six year old has declared he wants to be a scientist.. and of course, declares it  with his most innocent smile when he has mixed up a medley of items on my bathroom counter.. soaps, shampoos, oils, mouthwash..claiming to perform an experiment.

So,  I am always on the lookout for some simple home experiments to carry out and enhance the learning journey. This week I received my first Wonderboxx titled Magic Magnetism. It is tagged under the Ginomo series for 5+ Years of age. WonderBoxx  promised to be neat, theme-based, age-specific hands-on learning conveniently packaged in to a monthly subscription box.

The box excited us with a well illustrated inside cover that set the tone for the wonders it held inside. The experiments were all conveniently packaged in to little sets. ( A plus for me.. I normally have to sit and make sure and count/separate the many screws/bolts/small pieces in some other boxes I have tried)

A quick look at the “cute” frog and the first pick was the Hopping Animals experiment. The instructions were colorfully illustrated on the booklet and putting it together was a snap. Ina very simple way, the kids had learnt “Like poles repel each other and unlike poles repel each other”. The only hard part was making the kid wait until the glue dried. Full marks to this experiment.  Now to answer my scientist’s next question “Why do chicks hop?”..

No sooner was he back from school the next day, he was all charged up to to do his next experiment. We picked the Fan, Spokes and Shapes experiment.  Once done with the assembly, it was quite a pleasure to see the metal ring “dance”. We replaced the ring with a paperclip as well and then of course with a few non metallic items like a rubberband as well.  We certainly had more fun creating this temporary magnet than rubbing it with a magnet repeatedly as I recalled from our school days.

We saved the next evening for what looked most magical and exciting to him. A maglev car!!.. a fairly advanced concept and a unique opportunity to see an application of magnetism at its coolest best. This was one cool experiment. Why he even extended it to trying to stick the magnetic strips on his trains and cars at home.

Not to forget the little encyclopedia that was relished with a whole bunch of interesting facts. The flurry of questions that emerged reading this book led us to watch a couple of you tube videos like this one and this one for the maglev trains. So we still have another experiment to go.. but have declared this Wonderboxx a thumping success!

I checked out Wonderboxx  and its subscription plans and am giving it a thumbs –up on these counts..

  1. Ease and convenience of a well thought out package (all in the box from glue to a small reading encyclopedia)
  2. Fascinating themes (Light Tales, their June box and Incredible Art Adventures look like our next picks) selected by an expert panel
  3. Great choice for “quality time” that busy parents today would love to spend with their child and easily lends itself to further exploration
  4. Intriguing and smartly crafted to hold its own against the ipads and smart phones that seem to rule the lives of kids today.

I must add that I have an older one, now 10 and is too big for “toys” but loves art and craft… the rainbow loom and pottery and sequin art . So by and large, their play words stay separate. But the smart theme, assembling and joy of discovery piqued her curiosity enough that they worked together on these experiments. Now those who have witnessed sibling rivalry in its full fury will attest.. that calls for a round of applause in itself!

Jokes apart, if you would like to unbox Science and Imagination, do check out their website here.



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