Thinking of having a baby? Get yourself ready first
|   Feb 27, 2015
Thinking of having a baby? Get yourself ready first
"Yesss, I am pregnant", "Am I really! ", "Oh yes I am", "Cannot believe I am", "What next?" these and hundreds of such reactions crossed my mind at the same time. It was not a surprise because we had planned, but I believe this is a normal reaction, ultimately its a life changing event. For the next few months, a new life would be growing right inside me! Isn't it a miracle, I strongly believe so.
Parenthood is a wonderful and a magical experience, but at the same time its a big responsibility, for which one do not want to be unprepared. I read somewhere - "A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth". And most of us are mentally prepared for this new turn in our life, but how many of us are physically prepared?
The months before conception are equally important. Because whatever you do during this period sets the foundation for the life you are going to bring in this world. There are many things to a proper planning, the obvious one is calculating your ovulation cycle and getting your dates right (refer to Pregnancy Planning). But that's not all, here I am essentially talking about preparing your body at least three months before you actually conceive. No, I am not making a big fuss about getting pregnant, its really important. 

A TODO list before you take the big step -
1. Start on a daily dosage of Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) tablets, approx 400 mg. These are multivitamins which one can get over the counter at any drug store. Though there are many benefits of this vitamin, the primary one being fertility boost, they may not be directly seen. But the deficiency of this vitamin if any arises can have a serious effects on your baby. A regular dosage helps to reduce the baby's risk of getting birth defects of brain and spine. It reduces the baby's chances of being born with a cleft lip or palate. Folic acid only works if a woman takes it before and during early pregnancy. Your gynac would start you immediately on this, but there are obvious benefits of starting it early. Having said this all, I should clarify here that I am not a medical expert hence do consult your doctor before taking any medications.
2. Reduce your caffeine intake (make it NIL if possible). There are studies which shows caffeine might affect a women's fertility. Increase your water intake, you need to keep yourself hydrated.
3. Smoking, having alcohol, aerated drinks and medicines having alcohol content (Ayurvedic Syrups) are a strict no no.
4. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet including green leafy vegetables and beans as they are rich in folate.
5. Stay happy and blessed.

These are some simple TODOs, which if implemented will guarantee a healthy life for you and your baby!
Now are you ready to shoulder the biggest responsibility of your life?

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