Darling daughters!
|   Sep 27, 2015
Darling daughters!

Daughters are special, Daughters are loving!
Daughters can make you cry as they are so caring,

Daughters bring so much happiness by just smiling,
Daughters are like angels, wings always shining!

Daughters can make us happy by simply hugging,
Daughters are like sunshine, their warmth always spreading!

I knew when you came into our world that you are so much more than our little baby girl,
You have no idea how you brighten up our world!

We want you to be proud of who you are and always give your best,
Just do your efforts and let God do the rest!

You bring us so much joy each and every day,
Help us to keep all our worries and sorrows at bay!

Happy Daughter's day our angels! 
You're growing so fast that it makes me think,
You will be a a grown up girl if I just blink!


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