Mom! Can we order books online?
|   Jan 12, 2016
Mom! Can we order books online?

My elder one loves books. She is an avid reader. I love that she loves books so much and I hope that this love of books grows as she gets older. She turned 13 this year and for her 13th birthday, I ordered a cake which shows her love for books. Here is a picture with books and a cute little bookworm-


 On her 10th birthday, my SIL gifted her a Flipkart gift card.  As she knows that my elder one loves reading, she told her that there are lots of books available on Flipkart. She immediately wanted to go and look for favourite books. There was no looking back from there. She found all her favourite books and that too from the comfort of home. She has made her own mini library at home with all the books and she even shares it with her friends. All her friends are also fond of books. We sit together and search for books to gift her friends for their birthdays. This is their mini library of all the books bought till now-



My younger one, like any other younger sibling tend to follow her elder sister in everything. She was not too fond of reading but she has started reading after seeing her sister. Younger one is fond of dresses and accessories to go with it. We bought her birthday dress from Flipkart. She is the one who is difficult to handle in the malls and it was so much fun sitting with her at the comfort of our house and letting her choose her own dress. Dress and fun accessories which she chose and we bought it together from Flipkart-

 We completely enjoy our time while we search for their favourite books or dresses for younger one. The worst part of shopping in malls is the queue for trial rooms. When we order something online, there is an easy return policy too if there is any problem with any product.

As they both cannot explore the website together, I have downloaded the Flipkart app too on my phone. It is much more convenient if you have to explore any product immediately. My elder one told me that there is an option of wish list on Flipkart in which she can save her favourite titles of books which she is not able to find and later can get a notification once it arrives. Here is a wish list made by my younger one



Shopping with kids and for kids has become so easy in last few years. Thanks to for making our shopping experience easy and fun. Shopping was never so much fun with kids earlier. And shopping will be more fun if you watch this video with your kids!

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