My Sister My Inspiration #Momspiration
|   May 12, 2017
My Sister My Inspiration #Momspiration

My mom was and will always be my inspiration. I learnt to be a mom from her. She was the best mom, best teacher and a best friend to me. I have never seen a lady as strong as her. She was always smiling and a strong willed lady.

I lost her a few years back and there is not a single day when I don’t remember her. I and my siblings were broken after we lost our parents a few years back but we held on to each other and decided to remember our parents with a smile and good memories.

Today I am going to write about my two other inspirations, my elder sister and my sister in law who is more than a sister to me.

Although my sister is elder to me by just one year but she is like a mom to me and my younger brother. She is a senior professor of English in a college and a mom to a teenager boy and a tween girl. And, she manages her work and home perfectly.  She not only finished her masters after marriage but also has a doctorate degree in English now.

Like any other siblings, we also used to fight a lot and gave a hard time to our mom. But Life changes everything and we learn many things with different phases of life. She cheers for me, consoles me, picks me up when I feel low, stands up for me, forgives me when I hurt her, and most important of all, she is by my side always.

My sister in law is also just one year elder to me and like a best friend. She is a mom to two girls, 10 and 6. She is in a full-time job and also takes care of her family. I salute her energy and stamina as she runs around taking care of everything. I cannot think of anything which she can’t do.

She is like a superhero mom without a cape. Along with her office and late night meetings, she makes sure that she is always there for her kids. She has never missed any PTM meetings, sports days or any other events. I know I can count on her anytime I need any help or any suggestions. 

Why are they my  #momspirations? Because, they are like a guide, mentor, support system and a mother to me. Also, both are superhero moms in their own way. 

My sisters, my #Momspiration.



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