We Are Moms, We Are Sheroes!
|   Sep 05, 2016
We Are Moms, We Are Sheroes!

Sheroes – Moms who are heros!

Are you a hero mom? I think we all are as we all have superhero traits.

A mom has been granted special powers by God. I am sure everybody will agree to me on this.

She gets up first in the family and she goes to bed last.

She gets tired after all the work and by evening is ready to blast.

Often she stays up till late to pacify a crying baby at night,

Or a toddler who had a bad dream or watching for a teen who is coming late at night.

Even though she is tired in the morning after waking up till late,

She still has the power of doing everything with grace with a smile on her face.

She cooks and bakes and cleans again and again and all day long,

She pulls her magic in everything she does as she is mommy strong.

She has the power to do everything and stand with her kids as a strong wall,

Yet she measures herself with a stick too small.

Motherhood can’t be measured and can’t be judged,

It is not about any achievement or any medal or cup.

Do not feel bad by what others say or think,

As motherhood is a beautiful thing which only you can feel.

Mom, you are a hero and you can be anything you want.

No matter, how many twists and turns, bumps and falls are there,

You stand strong as a rock to make kids feel that you are and will always be there.

You might feel as you are failing as a mom,

But when the little one wraps her arms around you and says, “I love you mom!”

Isn’t it all worth it?

Being a mom is not an easy job. Motherhood can bring out all your inner superhero traits and you will be surprised at the qualities you possess which you never knew even existed. We all have a sixth sense and an extra eye which follows our kids around when we are not around. (I actually keep on telling my girls that I have an extra eye to see what you are up to and it follows you all the time ;))

I think it’s the power of love which makes us all superheroes/ heroes.


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