You can have only one mother!
|   May 09, 2015
You can have only one mother!
 #EveryDayIsMothersDay as I remember My mother everyday..i feel her everyday.. and I see her everyday in my two daughters. My bond with my daughters remind me of my mom in everything ...everyday! I lost her four years back and miss her a lot. There were days when it seemed OK and I can live a normal life, and others when I can't seem to get it together.The only difference between few years back and now is that now I remember her with a smile and not with a heavy heart. 
I remember lot of people telling me after I lost her that you can have only one mother..You can get everything back but not a mother! 
I still remember that it was a very vacant feeling when she passed away. At that moment I knew that never again there would ever be anyone who put me before themselves...Only a mom can do that!
My mom was a very strong willed lady, a great cook, intelligent, always had a smile on her face. In-fact she was the strongest person in our family and my dad used to believe that everything he achieved in his life was because of her. She was like a rock for all of us. 
As they say, "By the time a girl realizes her mom was right she has a daughter who thinks she is wrong".

I can really understand now why my mother was justified in her criticisms and judgments of me. I know my daughters will also not understand now when I try to justify things to them or teach them something.
 My two daughters fight a lot like any other siblings and I always remember how me and my sister used to fight and today I can understand how my mom used to feel. 
Now my elder one is a teenager so when i see her..I remember lot of things. There were times when me and my sister had fights with our mom  in our teenage years and she handled our teenage tantrums and what not. She’d always counsel us over friends, studies, life…pretty much everything and anything. But I wish I could be like her in raising my two girls as I always knew a difference between good and bad and always knew that we cant do certain things as they can affect our parents. She gave us full freedom in doing whatever we wanted to do and to take our own decisions but kept a balance too of not letting us go out of the way with anything. 
I just wish we had more time to spend with you. I know you are no longer in pain, no more suffering. I aspire to be like you but I don't even come close.  Miss u mom! Happy #MothersDay mom! I know that God is taking good care of you.
In the end, I would say that a mother daughter relationship is a beautiful one.

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