Mom _ the inspiration within
|   May 14, 2017
Mom _ the inspiration within

Today's life is marked with a lot of competition. Right from childhood the competition begins and ends only as one cannot compete anymore with life. The scoring game has not left the mothers of the world untouched.... A mother has to be an inspiration to be declared a fit mom. 

With the birth of a child, the mother is born too and from then on she leaves no stone unturned to raise her child. Whatever be the colour, creed or country, each mother has the same instinct and that is the well being of her child and her family. A mom doesn't need an inspiration to be a better mom, her instinct is the inspiration always and forever. #momspiration for each mom comes from within, her motherly instincts are her inspirations which make her slog day and night for her kids. She becomes inspiration personified as she sacrifices her all to help her kids stand on their feet first in their childhood and then to help them stand on their own feet so they find their identity in a world marked with millions of moms doing same with their kids. 

A mother can always look up to other moms around to see how they are raising sons and daughters, but they can never be inspired by them FULLY given the different sets of situations, existing conditions and environment for raising kids. So each mom is an original, that's what makes her an inspiration. A mother supports, gets awed by, can hear the stories of other mothers but while at work she uses only her motherly feelings and gives an upbringing unique to others and best suited to only her. So instead of raising the bar at being the best mother, at being an inspiration to others, instead of judging other moms for their upbringing, we must let each mother do what God made her excellent at. CREATING BETTER FUTURE PEOPLE. 

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