Mother-The ultimate world in the universe
|   May 16, 2016
Mother-The ultimate world in the universe

Its said that with the birth of a child, a mother is born too. And as the child grows, her many wishes and wants die willfully. That's the congenital defect that she gets - sacrifice. The mother sacrifices always for her family. This is the nature she develops at her birth.

A mother sacrifices her work for the sake of giving her child a good upbringing. She forgets to eat until her kids eat. While out, she thinks of what purchases would make her kids happy. While cooking, this is what her family would love to eat whether or not it be her favourite dish. Her outlook is the perspective of her family's. Her outings are timed to adjust their schedules first. This pure thinking heart, this heart of gold is the heart of every mother.... moms become selfish if they put themselves before thier kids, if they chose to work and value their freedom over caring for her children. Do they care more for themselves whilst leaving children in the erstwhile parentage of their seniors. R they selfish, if they go out and come back without wares for their kids. Despite this, they still remain moms. When in this mode, their priorities are different due to many unavoidable reasons... When in this mode, their responsibilities are different and hence they have to keep their children on the back burner.

Meanwhile #EveryDayIsMothersDay. Kids should not require a special day to wish their mothers instead recognise and respect the sacrifices that the beautiful women make for them each day. As for women themselves, they should be proud as a co creator of valuable lives... 

All mothers are great and go through a lot for raising their kids. Each has her unique story. Being one requires utmost competitiveness where in the end all mothers emerge equal winners. No one loses. No one mother says I am the best mom and the other is lesser. Because to each child his/her  mother will always be the best.  As Sadhguru says "The beauty of motherhood is not in reproduction but in inclusion - to experience another life as a part of yourself"

 I am proud to be a mother of a smart young chap and proud I have a mother who has been an inspiration and guiding force to my siblings and me and because of whose prayers we all are happy. Love to u....

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