The Miracle called Mom
|   May 07, 2015
The Miracle called Mom
The other day I was watching the movie English Vinglish. A very good movie about a beautiful mother portrayed by the lovely Sridevi. The protagonist( Sridevi ) not only struggled with her English but also lost her status as a mother in the offing. There were many situations from the movie that I could actually relate to and the very primary situation was being taken for granted. As mothers, a woman's mere existence is often ignored. Ignored? Or taken for granted.? You may ask. Well she's often ignored because she always has to be there...there is no choice.
A mother in her various avatars as a mom in law, sister, girlfriend, wife has always been at the giving end. Sacrificing her own joys for the joys of her loved ones. Giving up her own identity to work towards creating her children's identity. Languishing her role at work in order to see her husband succeed. Even when a mother at work succeeds, she has another mother keeping watch over her and her family...That's the power of a woman, the power of a mother. The power that makes our little lives wonderful.
A mother only expects love and respect in return... Children must be taught to first respect their mothers and then anything else. To be thankful to their mothers for everything that she's doing for them. Cos since God couldn't be everywhere he made mothers. Sounds clich├ęd but so very true. Just a single day to celebrate and to make your mother feel special isn't enough. A family should celebrate #MothersDay everyday and give their mothers their proper place and respect each day. Power to you beautiful mom. 

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