Answering difficult questions
|   Jan 08, 2016
Answering difficult questions

My 6 year old asked her dad - "Papa, how does a person feel when he is killed?" This innocent inquisitive question threw me out of my composed state of mind and got me thinking. How do you keep your calm and answer this question in a way that she understands and also understand that killing is dangerous and death means end of life....

I really felt like asking- "Where did you hear about killing? its a bad thing...." at that time but consciously held back.

"He wont feel anything after he is killed..." said my husband in a this-question-changed-nothing manner and they walked away discussing it. I saved my words of wisdom for another day... after  I figure out how to answer this.

Sometimes these simple questions by kids test our parenting skills. The key is not to react strongly to their questions and ask them the source of their inquisitiveness.  If we are judgemental about their questions, they may not come back next time with some kind of questions at all. I was also worried that if we do not answer this in the right way, would she try something that can be really bad? Had a couple of sleepless nights on this.

Kids ask all kinds of questions and that's how they learn. Its our duty as parents to treat each question the same and try to help the little minds understand in their own way.

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