5 Inspirations Taapsee Gives Us from the Movie PINK
|   Sep 24, 2016
5 Inspirations Taapsee Gives Us from the Movie PINK

Okay so ‘Pink’ has been touted as the movie of the year, at least by the women-folk if not by the box office yet. The trailers alone gave us enough goosebumps to stand up on our comfy chairs and make an effort to watch it. Well I did go a bit extra to watch it. Especially after reading the brilliant review by the Pink-struck lady herself-Namrata, I made it to the early morning show with my man. He lives with two ladies, he should definitely watch it and what better excuse to go watch a movie when kid’s away at school?

Taapsee is my latest crush. No doubt, I’m fairly straight, a wife to an absolutely straight man and a mom to a 3 year old, though I didn’t give him birth naturally (that’s a debate we will take up another time), I am known to have these seasonal crushes on the fairer but no-more-a weaker sex. People who know me, especially my school friends will vouch for that. Turned on by wits, some guts and loads of panache, this time it was Taapsee Pannu.

The first time I saw the rushes of Pink, I couldn’t recognize her. “Is it really Taapsee Pannu, the girl who has been doing small time roles in movies here or there? What’s wrong with her hair or wow those hair, look amazing.” Taapsee- if you ever come across this blog of mine, you may never know me, but for me/us you are a household name. Batchmate of my best friend’s sister in school-Mata Jai Kaur Public School and another ex-classmate of my brother-in-law in engineering college-Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, you are often the topic of discussion in my living room whenever the American munda comes home for vacations.

Moreover the way you speak, your elegant gait, everything about you in the movie is so #Delhi. Being born and brought up in Delhi, I can even smell Delhi’s dusky air from err Saharanpur if ever I go there. So can you, I just learnt after reading an article about you doing your own styling for the movie to portray a true Dilli ki kudi’s character.

I am not being city-based but brutally honest about how this  29 something Dilli ki Kudi wins everyone’s heart and yet manages to give us oldies ( years elder than her) #inspirationalgoals:

  1. That No-Makeup Look: No matter how much we Delhi girls have been flanked for putting on excess layers of glossy paints to make those selfies look appealing and on top of that using endless filters whose name we can’t even pronounce, you have proved that ALL wrong. Delhi girls or for that matter any girl, once done with the obligation of donned with make-up likes to be sans it. Period.

    2. Believe in Yourself: Meenal (Taapsee) in the film is fierce, bold and unapologetic. She calls a spade a spade and even        names whenever called for it. She gets scared, regrets her instinctive action but knows where to draw the line or do what        she BELIEVES is right. Aren’t we all supposed to do the right thing, the essence of which holds true to our being and not         pounded onto us by the social dogmas?

   3. Those Lovely Curls:Good girls have straight hair, rebels have curls”, I was told my entire childhood. The perks of          belonging to a certain religious sect, we are supposed to keep our birth hair intact. I had (still have, sans straightening)            extremely curly hair which were abused every Sunday by heaps of Parachute Coconut Oil by any aunt that would see me         (can’t blame just my mother) into making them silky smooth. I wonder what Sunsilk or Heads and Shoulders did then? No       wonder, the sundar susheel bahu that I am, I never embraced my curls until now. And if going by the very sexist adage,          hell yeah I love rebels. Go scrunch your locks ladies if you have a point to prove! Amen!

 4. Like it, Get Inked: A tattoo has been on my mind since the first time I visited Goa. It’s the breeze of that place, a certain     acquaintance that makes you want to get inked. Though I did, a cute butterfly on the nape of my neck, it was as temporary    as my thoughts. Taapsee does it with great aplomb, a ‘flying birds’ tattoo on her immensely prominent collar-bone. What   a place to get inked and what a message!! Ladies, you don’t need to get the approval from your parents, boyfriend, your      husband, your in-laws and for Christ’s sake not your gynae either. If you feel you can carry a message for the rest of life, go    ahead, brave that needle wherever you want to. Free yourself like a bird.

 5. Hold your Women Tight: One of the best friends we have in life are the people who probably live with us or have    seen that daily grind together and most of the time it’s the girl-friends. Meenal along with her girl-roommates goes through  hell what we could not even imagine in our wildest dreams. Her friends stand like a rock besides her, hand in hand and fight  towards the end to a glorious victory. There is no bond like women-bond.


More power to the incredible piece of cinema which keeps on giving us goals after goals to deal with the daily grind that we women in the dubious society go through. The above are just a minuscule fraction of them all.




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