A Typical Day With My Child-Lots of Bonding Fun
|   Sep 18, 2015
A Typical Day With My Child-Lots of Bonding Fun

From the time my little one wakes up, my entire day is his. Set up according to him, surrounding him and for him. Since he was a little kid, he had no other option but to stick to the only human being that he sees all day. Poor fellow couldn’t get bored of me, even if he wanted to. But now that he has started school, he is usually busy with his homework, tons of activities and projects but I still make sure to squeeze in a piece of me in his super-busy day and that’s what I plan to do till he’s grown up. After all, he’ll be a baby to me all through life, but I don’t intend to treat him like one. Just be a buddy to him, being there for him just a shout away. Here’s how I do it:

Waking up with a Hug: It is said that the 8 minutes after your child wakes up are the most important minutes of his day for his overall development. And I make sure to give him his 8 minutes of sheer love and care. I take him in my arms, do a little rock-n-roll, plant various kisses on his face, make him see the day-light and tell him such a beautiful day it is, instead of just reminding him to look at the clock. This really preps up my little one for the day and guarantees some loving bonding moments between us.

Talking while Readying- The mother-kid friendly duo makes sure to do lot of talking even while getting ready. I tell him about my funny last night’s dreams and listen to him as well. Even if I didn’t have one or can’t recall it, I still make it up to sound of a one silly encounter. Such playful moments give a lovely story to tell and share. We proceed towards the kitchen table, where we have our little breakfast together and I make him his favorite school-lunch which he fondly packs for himself. Doing daily chores together makes us friends all the more and a great kick-start to the long day ahead.

Simple acts of Love: We have a ritual at home to hug and kiss whenever departing or arriving. This applies to us parents, mommy to child or child to daddy. The goodbye kiss or a gentle welcome hug makes you feel so much at home and so secure in the presence of your loved ones feeling unfettered and fearless.

How was your Day: This is the most important question in a kid’s day. I always make sure to ask him this, whether at home or not, he is anyways just a call away. I listen to him patiently, give ideas for his homework, make him recall any incident which he could use for his school-work, sometimes drop him for after-school activities, wait for him to get free, read a book meanwhile. All his new experiences, the way he sees things, explores his surroundings, experiments and grows, I feel I am a part of it all.

Doing chores Together: Whether its cooking a meal, or doing school work, watching television, study time or even exercise, we do it together. Giving him the table to lay, set the crockery, and silently enter his room while he is studying with a book too in my hand or laptop to finish off some pending work or taking a walk in the park, while he’s playing with friends. I have set my routine according to my child so that I could give him my best and also oversee from proximity what he is up to. I may know how simple his homework or a house chore maybe, I still let him take his time in completing it which ensures empathy and assures him that I am able to see things from his perspective. These mannerisms are taught to him in a very gentle way which is not at all authoritative.

These simple joys of growing up with my kid, makes me empowered enough to let him grow in his own way, fearless without any limits, letting his imagination flow for a happy and secure childhood. He will have his buddy, his mother always on his side whenever he needs her to listen to him endlessly, making him emotionally stronger to face many life challenges that await him! 

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