An Affair to Remember-New Pampers Premium Care Pants Launch Review
|   Sep 28, 2015
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An Affair to Remember-New Pampers Premium Care Pants Launch Review

Hello Guneet, ‘’Would you be interested to attend an event by Pampers’’? ‘’Of course yes’’. How could I say no? After all; Pampers had been taking care of my baby’s bum ever since Day 0. Yes, I have been a Pampers Mom and my little one, a Pampers Baby.

As I entered inside the Heritage Hotel Ambassador-Now Taj Vivanta, I was taken aback by the history and elegance it beams. The property has such a calm and tranquil feel to it that you instantly feel your nerves relaxing. To top it, the hall where the Pampers event was being held, was beautifully done up in watery white and pristine light green hues of lighting, much in accordance with the brand’s colors. One could see pictures, cutouts and baby-dummies wearing Pampers pants all over the hall. It spelled pure cuteness overload. Such a peaceful ambience for a mother already. I took my seat comfortably, resting myself next to a fellow blogger and amidst many beautiful ladies and gentlemen.

To make the participants comfortable, the tea and cookies were served right in the beginning so as not to disturb the movement thereafter and also so that we could have our very own Chai pe Charcha alongside. 


 The next minute I saw, Tara Sharma (Television Actress and Celebrity Mom) swaying with much grace from the back-door and climbing up the stage. I was still soaking up her charisma that the stage got lit up, not with lighting but Mandira Bedi’s infectious ‘’Hello, Welcome all to the Preview of…”. I was enamored, shell-shocked and awestruck by her striking presence (it came as a surprise, not mentioned in the event-brief). To see two Supermoms on stage together and looking their best-ever was too much for a person who has always admired them and their ways of Mom-hood. 

The guests and speakers for the event were Tara Sharma Saluja (Actress and Celebrity Mother), Mandira Bedi( Actress & Television Presenter), Ajita Gopal Seethapalli (Child Sleep Consultant) and Pampers R&D Expert-Dr. WeiSing Long. An elaborate ensemble of veterans from their respective fields dedicated to the cause of Child-Care. It was an Exclusive Preview of the ‘New Pampers Premium Care Pants’ for a very limited gentry of Mommy Bloggers and Media-persons. The speakers were neatly and smartly dressed in white coats to convey the feeling of purity. The event rendezvous started with Ajita highlighting the ‘Importance of Sound Sleep and Uninterrupted Playtime in Babies’ and its ultimate effect on parents. A baby that sleeps well and plays a lot is definitely a happy baby.

How sleep helps in holistic development of a child and for that matter how important is it to give the baby his continuous sleep and play were the star-points of the first half of the event. Explained beautifully with appropriate interactions and gigs from Mandira and personal experiences through video-bytes from Tara; the event became more of a knowledge-session for parents highlighting the various aspects of child-care. I had my firm eyes while sipping my tea, on the stage and ears pleasantly towards the brilliant speakers who one by one spoke on their areas of expertise. Then came, WeiSing Long-R&D expert of Pampers Headquarters; responsible for the complete science behind the amazing product that Pampers is, she emphasized on the great heritage that the 50-year brand holds           



To make the session more interactive, we had a tall cardboard box kept in front of us on the table with 3 slots with a diaper in each one of them. Next, we were asked to feel each one and cast our votes on the votometers. The diaper with number 2 tag felt the softest, so did 89% of the participants felt when the results came out. Hence the softest diaper on earth was launched from a white-satin veil. What an innovative way to spread the message across!

The brand left no stone unturned in convincing us that Pampers is really the softest for baby skin through these interactive demonstrations further:


·         The Baby Lotion Test: The magical baby-lotion that adorns the outer-layer of the Pampers Premium Care Diaper was applied in a pear shape onto some random yellow colored papers which were supposed to represent baby-skin. Then as soon as water was sprayed to the paper; the lotion area was untouched whereas the rest of the paper started distorting, indicating how the baby-lotion prevents the precious baby-skin form unnecessary wetness by forming a protective layer.

·         The Magic Gel Test: A good amount of certain micro pearl granules were added to a test-tube containing about 100ml of liquid. The tiny particles soon began rising and covered the entire test-tube, solidifying gradually. Soon the mixture turned into solid state from liquid and the particles had become a gel holding all the liquid tightly; explaining how those tiny particles cover the baby-pee into a gel form so that baby won’t even notice any wetness.

The Liquid Absorption Test: Around 150ml liquid (the amount of pee a baby passes in half-a day) was poured onto a Pampers Premium Care Diaper turned inside-out and a normal diaper. The diapers were folded back to their original shape and slowly we could see the normal diaper become all fluffy and bloaty, whereas Pampers retained its original structure. Then a tissue paper was dabbed onto both the diapers to see how much liquid have they absorbed. The tissue on the Pampers came out quite dry but the tissue on the normal diaper almost tore off due to wetness.


All these tests easily indicate the hard-work and thoughtfulness put in the product that is like a second-skin to babies. The tests conducted in a very conducive and hospitable manner left no room for any doubt among the various participants, a majority of whom were mothers and fathers to believe that Pampers has done a major breakthrough in surpassing its image as a market leader in diapering to the only baby-care experts. It absolutely made clear how the premium product stands apart in terms of softness, dryness and hygiene from its competition. With this innovation and research, the brand claims that the premium diaper could be worn over a duration of 12 astonishing hours with no signs of leakage, discomfort or even foul-smell. The entire hall burst with the sound of applause at this magical invention and hats off to the entire team in showcasing us this wonder.

They wouldn’t even let us go without treating our taste-buds with delicious veg and non-veg starters and of course deserts to end the evening on a good-note.

A Preview that was by far a preview in the sense of the word but more of a discovery into the journey called Child-Care, a most precious one in our lives to embrace with full perseverance the greatest gift of God to mankind-babies!


This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity

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