Bonding Beneath the Blanket: Winter is Here
|   Dec 17, 2015
Bonding Beneath the Blanket: Winter is Here

It is 6am on a Monday Morning, the alarm is ringing, but I don’t feel like getting up.

The warmth of the blanket engulfs me so badly that I just don’t want to end its embrace. I can feel like it, it’s the oncoming of winters that is doing this.

I open my eyes reluctantly and see my little one cozily wrapped up in his cartooney blanket too wearing a smile worth millions.

I could clearly see how sound he has slept without moving an inch. The winters have bestowed its magic upon him too. I stoop down a little to kiss my munchkin and the next moment find myself wrapping up cozily in his blanket too. Forgetting the clock, I tickle him, kiss him, and be all mushy and cuddly with him both of us together enjoying our playful moments inside the blankets. He realizes what Mom is upto  and join in the fun too. Out of curiosity, he asks, “Mom, why don’t I feel like opening my eyes, though I’am awake? I said, because its winters Son, let’s go back to sleep together!

Without batting an eyelid we went back to our fearless sojourn far away from the daily pressures and limits. It is Monday (the most important day of school as many new themes and topics start this day) and the school-bus would be here any minute. No worries, let it come, I told my husband to say no to the driver and come join us in the family warmth. We three, toiled and twisted in the blanket having many bonding moments together and enjoying the first spell of winters.

“Are you sure, Gurnav’s going to miss school today, if yes, then I will inform my boss too that I’m not coming” asked my hubby. What a wonderful idea I thought in my mind, but replied, ‘’No he’s going to school today but we are going to drop him’’. To which Gurnav jumped out of bed in joy and did a happy dance. We danced in exclamation too screaming on top of our voices, mind it on a Monday Morning on bed, playing dumb-charades eventually.

We did a group hug empowering the real essence of buddy parenting where there is fearless and unfettered nurturance. Walking like buddies hand in hand we moved towards the washroom to get ready for the wonderful day whose morning was as playful. Watching my kid beaming with joy while getting ready or having his breakfast, I thought a simple morning-play made him so happy and cheerful than usual. He is usually a happy-go-lucky kid who is always eager to go to school. But mornings especially Monday ones are haphazard.

We dropped our little boy to school having various conversations on the way, learning and exploring too. Daddy quizzed us on the car models and I took my son’s side. His content face was the best gift I could receive as a Mom. My hubby started the car for office and I said, ‘’Let’s make this a ritual every wintery Monday Morning to have lots of bonding moments with our most precious, lots of new experiences with him, let our family make the most of Khuljaye Bachpan!


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