From Lonely to 'I Love Me': How I Rocked my Birthday!
|   Aug 07, 2016
From Lonely to 'I Love Me': How I Rocked my Birthday!

I was sad, it was the first time my husband-the love of my life wasn't with me on my special day. A 32 year old, I still look foirward to my birthday the way I used to do probably some 10 years back. I get super excited and start wishing the heaven on this day. As Namrata confessed in her birthday blog, she loves spending time with her loved ones, I am not far behind too. I don't want my loved ones to be even at an arm's distance from me. I want them all with me, showering me with unlimted and unconditional love. A Leo thing probably which both of us share!!

But this very year, my precious-my doting husband wasn't around! I took that with a pinch of salt and wished for a tequila and lime wedge too!! (pun intended). I was all by myself and the kind of dreamer I am , I started planning my day, my style which wasn't bad at all and infact got some brownie points for being able to pull that off and ultimately thought, if I can, why can't you? It actually might make it an interesting read:


1. Realise that its ONLY you who can make you Happy: It took me more than a day and hundreds of whining sessions to make peace with the this truth. But the moment I realised it, it was all so easy. I needn't ask anyone what should I wear, how do I look, where to go, what to eat and all that crap. I was my own birthday host and guest too. A luxurious spa session got me into the mood and I emerged glowing like never before. After ages I had done something for myself. So it was a gold medal or a gold facial you can say!

2. Never Forget to take a Selfie: First things first, open that camera, look into the mirror, say to yourself, "you are the prettiest of them all", make all kind of faces and click it. Love yourself like no one does and as if there's no tomorrow. "But first, let me take a selfie"!


3. Count your Blessings: I am a firm bleiever in the Almighty and I hope most of us are. I always make it a point to visit Grudwara Sahib on my birthday, even if its for a just a few minutes. Not for wishing me with a fab day ahead or to grant me my birthday wish but for thanking him for ALL that he has give me. A doting husband, loving in laws who took me out to dinner and a perfectly balanced body and soul to be able to walk upto him and thank him. Trust me, many out there cannot do that. We are the provideged ones. So show gratutude

4. Do Something Random and Silly: While on the way to Gurudwara, I asked my son, whether he wants to see some monkeys? He was delighted at the slighetst mention and started jumping as one too. I diverted my car in the monkey lane. The lane that coonects ridge road to kali Bari Mandir. I bought some 6 bananas from the banana seller and gave half of them to y son. Wonder why these monkeys never eat the banana reserves of the seller and how do they manage to keep aloof? Some science or some superpowers maybe. Anyways, we fed the monkeys one by one by tossing the bananas which they caught with such expertise and some by handing them over. It was a sure deight to watch them and my monkey couldn't have been more excited.

5. Don't forget to wear your best: Be it a dress, a new kurti, that shimmery saree or a sexy skirt, bring it on. Take time to dress yourself up, apply that extra mascara and that hid-in-the-closet-lip tint. You will surely love what you see and the compliments always do  a wonderful job to mend broken esteems.

And Lastly, DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM YOUR HUSBAND and you'll get the choicest of presents. Flowers Courtesy: Hubby dear from another CITY!

So here are my super-duper independant birthday realisations which definitely perked me up and became my dessert for the night's peaceful sleep. I did kiss myself goodnight and gave a pat on the back for being ''apni favorite''. It was infact my one of the best birthdays ever! Trust me, sometimes you just have to be yourself and "BY YOURSELF" to celebrate the Beautiful You! I just did, its your turn now!

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