How To Get Your House Painted And Have Fun Too :: 7 Effective Ways
|   Oct 20, 2015
How To Get Your House Painted And Have Fun Too :: 7 Effective Ways

Its time of the year when we all gear up to paint our homes for the most auspicious festival of Bharat Desh-Diwali. And the worst affected lot of this chore are the kids whose life become upside-down more than anyone else’s. We as parents are the one doing most of the added work, but kids are the ones whose hearts break watching their habitat tearing into dirt and grime. Just on the verge of getting my house painted for this season, I am already a mess. But there is a ton that I realized and jotted down for you beautiful parents out there. Here are some POINTERS and LESSONS for kids to be made out of the painting job which won’t make it that horror-some at the end of the day: 


SCHEDULE PROPER TIMINGS: House-painting should be done with proper planning and room-day schedule. Schedule such a time for the labor to do their work when the kids are off to school or sleeping at home or for that matter, outdoors. This way the impact of dust and paint would be minimal on the kids.


TAKE KIDS OUTDOORS: Make sure to send kids outdoors everyday while the house is being painted. It would save them the harmful fumes and even give them a relaxing atmosphere, away of the mess in the house. They would play well outside, come home tired, eat well and go to sleep merrily.


STICK TO ONE ROOM AT ONCE POLICY: No matter how much the labor insists or in how much hurry you are, make the painting job done room by room. Pick one room, empty in beforehand, then start the work on it, this way the entire house won’t be a mess and you won’t feel exhausted too.


PACK MAJORITY OF TOYS: Soft toys are the notorious lot that attract most of the dust, simply pack them away in the closet, and don’t keep them lying here and there. Take out only one or two for your kid as and when needed. This way you would save your kid’s adorable toys the gruesome paint and dirt which could be transferred to the little one easily.



WASHING HANDS: No wonder, how cliché that this practice is, implement is utter STRICTLY. Make it a rule every few hours. Stick reminder posters or keep alarms. Make each and every member of family to hash their hands, and clean their nose as they are the mediums through which viruses enter our bodies.



PRECAUTIONARY MEDICINE: In the planning process, include some immunity-booster pills easily available at your family homeopathic practitioner to ward off the seasonal flu which could get worse with the dirt and paint-fumes. Give the sweet pills to your munchkins during the entire procedure.



PAINT YOUR KID WITH LOVE: It is most trying for kids to see their room/home falling apart, all covered in dust and shabby pieces. Make your kid understand that it’s happening for the best and let him choose his room color with sweet guidance from you. Make weekends fun by taking turns to go out, basically escape the paint-mess and even make a small part of the house a paint-zone where you do fun wall –painting with your kid by handing him a paint-brush himself. Organize a paint-date with his friends where they get to paint too, write their names silly and even scribble on a wall. Most importantly, love your kids silly instead of getting irritated with them.

After all, the new abode that awaits all of you would be a blessing indeed for all the hard-work put in. Embrace this effort, not evacuate it. Watch out for a Part 2 of this blog coming up with how the paint job can prove to be beneficial and a blessing in disguise!




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