Kitty-Party-Let’s do it with Kids Fearlessly!
|   Oct 01, 2015
Kitty-Party-Let’s do it with Kids Fearlessly!

Being a part of the huge social circle that I am, I keep on getting numerous calls from my friends. Out of these many calls, some calls were from enthusiastic ladies wanting me to be a part of their typical Ladies-Kitty luncheon. The tom-boy that I am from inside, resisted me from joining such social groups where all they talk about is fashion, trivial home-issues and their husbands. I was so scared to be witness to such incidents. But being a good friend with them all, I had a hard time saying NO.

Then I thought, why not be a part of the group, yet not be a part of the gossip. Hence I suggested Baby-Kitty to my lovely friends. Yes, the term sounds a bit iffy but fun. A Kitty-Party where we bring along our kids. Period. Sounds SCARY? ‘’How’s it a kitty-party then, when we can’t gossip? ’’. I said, “We will gossip, laugh to our heart’s content and have loads of fun too with our little munchkins, but not at quite restaurants but at kids’-centric places’’. And all readily agreed at the very thought of enjoying Buddy Parenting with their kids.

Since then, Baby-kitty is the best thing happened to us five life-long friends. First we grew up together, had fun together, got married one after other and eventually had kids who are almost of the same age. We five buddies, set out to unlock our children’s childhood the way we have grown up together, now giving them a chance to gel while creating everlasting bonding moments. What could have been better?


Starting from Children’s Park, Doll Museum, catching the latest animated movie, Amusement Park and many such outdoor places, we do it all. Our kids love to explore, play and learn while having fun, also learning from each other. The chits are drawn in the names of our kids and there’s an insane hullahoo whenever one is drawn. They cheer for each other and make their little plans on how to spend the kitty money with sweet guidance from us. Without being forceful or authoritative, the mothers plan a careful spend of the money, be it a range of books, the latest x-box or even another get-together. This enables the kids to be a master of their own decisions yet looking up to Mom for important matters feeling happy and empowered.

The smallest kid being mere a mere 6 years old to a few kids about to turn into teenage, they all have a gala time together! What is silly for one kid, becomes another’s funny moment. The variety of kids that get together irrespective of age, gender and culture makes them a bunch of carefree kids who have this whole day unfettered to themselves.

What a sight is it to watch our bundle of joys growing together happy and fearless. We have maintained to be called as ‘Mousis’ by our kids ensuring a sense of gentle protocol which is not authoritative but instills bonding among them. We buddies feel so proud watching our kids from a distance taking care of their buddies, having fun together and empathizing in the time of need. Towards the end of each kitty, we do an interaction round where Mom and Kid have to present a show together. It could be a poem sung together, a funny joke in conversational manner or even a silly skit. The camaraderie that oozes out of this activity speaks volumes about the bond a mother and child share. They are not just two beings living together but buddies that enjoy, learn, have fun, travel and even crack a joke together.


The so called power equation ceases between the mother and child to watch them perform together as if no one is watching; completely fearless and unfettered. These precious moments form the essence of Baby-kitty where we Moms feel all the more empowered to unlock our kids’ childhood and learn from each other.

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