|   Jan 30, 2016

It’s the beginning of a New Year, the start of a new sunshine each day which brings with it new hopes, new desires and everything new. Our very own sunshine, our children surprise us each day with their new antics and funny moments, so why not amaze them too with new thinking, new plans and many new endeavors. Here is my list of New Beginnings which I plan to do this New Year with my bundle of joy!

1. New Hobbies:  There is a lot to offer to a six year old from the beautiful world that surrounds us. Be it gardening, playing music or even photography, I'm going to introduce them all to my son one by one. In the process, gather some insights too having fun while learning. You never know what might interest him and he might take his new found hobby  to the next level. I will just keep on introducing new things for him to learn. 

2. New Recipes: Given the kind of foodie my son and me are, we are always on the lookout for yummy food which is hard to resist. Exploring new places to eat and trying out new stuff, having fun while learning has always excited us. I am surely going to try out new recipes, new ingredients with him to feed his ever-longing taste buds. What better way to enjoy the new beginnings than to cook together, where he reads out the recipe to me, measures the ingredients and I do the cooking. Who knows we could dish out some new and interesting recipes to surprise ourselves. How about a Shikanji Pina Colada, a Papdi Pizza or a Chocos Kheer?

3. New Words: Books are the never-ending world of wisdom and knowledge. Books are also our best friend. Arming my little buddy to be friends with books more and explore their wonderful world, I have resolved to teach a new word each day to my kid. It could be from anything he reads, course-books, newspapers, magazines, storybooks or just by looking here and there. I simply make sure he looks up the word in the dictionary and then we both form a sentence from it just like buddies.

4. New Place to Explore:  We are travelers at heart and conjoined buddies too. My 6 year old has been travelling since he was in my tummy, all left and right. In this New Year, our outings would no more be restricted to parks, malls and movies but to places unknown like monuments, crampy markets, distant relatives, vegetable market, to the tailor, supermarket and even bus and metro rides for no reason. Every outing has a story to tell and lots of lessons to learn which we both enjoy while walking, gossiping, and bonding with each other hand in hand.

5. New Ways: There is never a certain way of doing things. Even if there is, we would have probably tried it and got bored of it. How about doing the same things differently, that’s what winners do! Be it tying our shoelaces differently (there are more than 50 types), taking a new route to the school-bus stop, brushing teeth in a different pattern, eating a new food, new form of study or simply walking in a new style, even celebrate festivals with a new zeal, we are going to function in many new ways together forming an ideal approach for buddy-parenting.

There are millions of ways to adopt, explore and understand the little nuances of life which make the new beginnings fruitful and each moment a celebration with our kids. Empowering kids to have a healthy-happy childhood, we parents must take each day as a new day which has a plethora of opportunities to offer and many khuljaye bachpan moments to cherish!

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