Not just a Mommy but a MOMMY BLOGGER: Top Reasons why you must choose to be a Blogger at
|   Dec 14, 2015
Not just a Mommy but a MOMMY BLOGGER: Top Reasons why you must choose to be a Blogger at

Pitter pitter goes my keyboard when Kid is off to school. That’s the only sound I love when my naughty fellow isn’t around. As that’s the sound I make when I WRITE. Writing had always been a hobby, but it’s a passion, an addiction now. Being a Mommy makes you experience hell lot of things, so why not pen down some of them and let fellow mommies have a laugh too. That’s how I started Blogging at MC4K and there has been no looking back. Like me, you too can be a blogger at mycity and explore a whole new world of sharing, writing and even make many like-minded Mommy friends. Here are some of the Top Reasons to blog at mycity4kids:

1. Share Experiences: Every Mommy is unique and she has her own plethora of experiences with her kids and surroundings to be told like a story. What better way to pen down your experiences and let others know too. Meanwhile getting some sound advice and handy tips too to some real nagging life-problems with kids. You can just write about anything from kids, MIL, poop, teachers, society, ideas, recipes, mommy tips and much else, all Mommies have an ear for everything.

2. Know Awesome Resources: Once you begin blogging at MC4K, you are a part of anything and everything that goes on in your town. The MC4K team takes such good care of you to let you know about each and every event happening around you. Whether it’s a storytelling session, an animal farm visit, the latest book fair or even the hottest spot for kids’ birthday, MC4K has got them all covered. Moreover, their awesome app lets you create your own personalized calendar to remind you of the tiniest of things that your kids are upto from PTM’s to friends’ birthday. You’ll be the yummy mummy around who is aware of everything that goes around and in the know-how of city’s happenings. How cool, isn’t it!

3. Vent it Out: Mommies are a jar of bottled up emotions kept for marination more than overnight. Can be months in some cases. You don’t have enough friends as they are always caught up in their busy lives, talking to family members might put you at risk of being misunderstood. Here MC4K becomes your agony aunt by taking your tales to hundred others mommies out there who might be facing the same situation. In no time, you begin to get sympathetic comments and bravos for coming up and pouring your heart out. There are much ‘’awws’’ and ‘’me-toos’’ waiting to hug you virtually in those times of need. You just need to start typing.

4. Freelance Opportunity: MC4 isn’t just a website that you scroll through your smartphone up and down, it is a registered organization dedicated to the cause of providing each and every detail related to kids. Moreover apart from the open blogging platform that they have, which means anyone yes anyone can create a blog there and be a Blogger. You are a Blogger that’s a designation they assign to you as soon you start writing. You are a part of their awesome blogging community whose posts will be read by millions of Indians out there (yes they have an awesome reach), will be praised for your views and even looked up to. A consistent writing history can fetch you some great opportunities to attend launch events, be a part of brands and even work with them on freelance basis. You’ll be soon a work from home Mommy. Everyone will love to hear what you have to say and all your opinions will suddenly begin to matter. You'll be star Mommy around your neighborhood!

5.  Come out of the Shell: You had to leave your job to look after you precious one. That was a decision you took solely for the sake of your kid or because you wanted to be there for her every move. Doting mommies are more than welcome at MC4K. A look at the blogs posted on the website will take you to lots of more mommies who all are in the same boat, who consciously decided to let their careers take a back seat. But they all have one thing in common, that they came out of the mushy embrace of their kids to write about matters that mattered them. They began to think, explore and debate out of the Mommy confines and entered a world so bright full of optimism and cheer.


A blogging experience with mycity4kids definitely leaves you empowered enough to deal with Mommy Milieu letting you enjoy your Mommy-hood at its best and be the Boss of your own world too!

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