PC-The Evolving Teacher and Studymate: DELL India's Literacy Campaign
|   Dec 23, 2015
PC-The Evolving Teacher and Studymate: DELL India's Literacy Campaign

Dec 2nd has been christened as World PC Literacy Day by the United Nations. The Indian arm of the technology giant DELL Inc. has taken a leap further in the social awareness domain by commemorating the Dec 1-20 as DELL PC Literacy Days.

Having heard of the same, I was getting curious for such a brilliant initiative, I as a Mommy Blogger was invited to be a panel member to participate in the discussion forum around the theme ‘The Gateway to New Age Learning and Overall Development of Young Children – The Personal Computer”. PC had always been an integral part of my growing and learning. I got my PC the day I cleared my XII standards exams. For us it was a forbidden device which was supposed to be useful in shaping my career. Nobody at my home knew how to use and even switch on a PC, so I had to take computer training form a nearby cyber-café and then there was no looking back. I learnt quite a few software and basic knowledge of Internet.

PC was mainly used to hear songs, download movies and surf the internet. It became more a part of my life upon marriage and here too at my present home, PC had a designated place. I felt at home upon seeing my own gateway to learning and started blogging. Now that my kid is a 5 years old, PC is an integral part of his everyday learning. Yes PC has come a long way in my upbringing, shaping my husband’s career and even teaching my little one on a daily basis.

Making the same point as me, DELL believes that PC is the foundation device in the holistic growth of an individual which should be explored from the very start. To study the various trends regarding computer literacy in our country, DeELLcommissioned a study on PC user trends which revealed that general household PC penetration stands at a meager 10% in Tier 1 to Tier 4 towns. Among the most technologically-advanced cities stand the Tier 1 where 52% parents expose their children to a PC between the ages of 0-5. 72% students, according to the survey use their personal computer to better their classroom teaching and learn beyond. While 89% parents in India want their children to become smarter and to give them the right guidance and recognize the role of a PC as a gateway to new-age learning.

This is exactly what the need of the hour is. With our govt. reaching out to the million-worth population with a platform like Digital India, it is high time we as parents recognize the need of computers or that matter technology as an imperative tool or rather a parallel tool in learning in accordance with the traditional classroom methods. I as a tech-savvy and aware parent find technology a colorful and stimulating medium to make studies interesting for kids or for that matter an important tool to guide grown-ups about the latest world trends.

The Panel Discussion had such and more enlightening views on technology playing an important role in the overall development of a child. Adorned with many Bloggers who are technologically aware and active online influencers, the discussion had experts from the field of both technology and education. The Panel had Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India, Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO, Greyhound Research, Gayatri Singh, Founder, Team Explore - Think Stations, Harpreet Kaur Sapra, Serial Technology Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at Maker’s Box and Ritu Taneja, Teacher/Trainer; Educational, Editorial Consultant and Author speaking on ‘new-age’ parenting and how every parent wishes to better the way his child learns, realizing the importance of PC in making it happen.

It was realized to a great extent that India has been PC ready since a very long time now, but to exploit the gateways that a PC has to offer, we as Indians are NOT ready. This was a very important key take- away from the conversation that how Indian parents have to be more open to move away from conventional routes of learning and gradually accept or rather learn these methods themselves to be able to teach them to their children. We should REMOVE the fear of technology that we have and help our kids blossom in the information age. We are the torchbearers who have to shove the next generation to a technological future which is the horizon to creativity and innovation. Don’t take the PC as a learning medium which is prescribed by schools and is only helpful to explore before exams to secure good marks but as a medium which combines information with entertainment and makes the learning process a lot easier.

Every child is a curious bunch of brain who has a lot to explore and perform. We as parents should recognize this urge and let kids explore this wonderful medium at their own; enabling the concept of ‘flipped classrooms’ while keeping an eye on their activities.

The DELL PC campaign addresses this very problem and aims at this very effort to enhance awareness around PC adoption and usage in our country. With the aim to reach out to ‘first-time buyers’ and to make the purchase of the PC simpler and more attractive, customers under this campaign can take home a Dell PC at just Rs.749/-, paying the rest in easy EMIs at 0% interest in 6 installments. Not only this, to enable the optimum usage of PC and literate parents especially mothers on PC usage, customers can walk into any DELL Exclusive Store (DES), and avail PC Literacy Training and certification worth Rs.599/-, free of cost.

PC is not just a device, a machine which blurts out interesting visuals to make learning easy for your kid, it is rather a personal teacher making every day exploration a part of your kid’s holistic learning process. As I said, every day is a PC day for my kid making him empowered to be One with the World!

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