Period Parody: Hacks that will Sail you through those 5 Deadly Days
|   Apr 12, 2016
Period Parody: Hacks that will Sail you through those 5 Deadly Days


DREADING THE DREADFUL PERIODS? That nagging pain, muscle soreness and fatigue that ceases to go away. Well, we all have developed some hacks and comfort zones for those stupid 5 days which come and go but enduring them is a herculean task. Here’s my list of tried and tested super-comfort hacks to soothe the Tsunami going on in our Uterus and take you through the week cheerfully:


Hot Sips: A textbook proven method, even our grannies swore by it. The shrinking and twisting going on inside our privates is majorly soothed by a mug of lukewarm water first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. And numerous glasses throughout the day. Just microwave it and you are ready to go.

Warm Shower: There’s nothing like a warm and cozy shower in the private. It soothes your tired nerves, relaxes your muscles and even flushes out the toxins. Invest in your favorite body mist or shower gel and let the sweet aroma fill up your senses. Trust me, you would never want to get out of there!

Avoid the Whites: As much told by the grannies, “don’t eat the curd, stay away from the rice”, it all seemed nonsense. Obviously without an explanation, it would. The white stuff categorized conveniently by our elders as non-period food actually are starchy in nature and bloats us all the more. Foods like curd, rice, ice-cream (for its coldness), plain-milk, paneer, idli etc are best avoided in the red-flag days. I’m no granny but avoiding them definitely makes me feel better. Who wants to be bloated all the time?

Dress your Best: When down on mood and otherwise too, make extra efforts to look great. Put on that flowery dress (nobody will ever know, you are down), dab some foundation, pop those statement earrings and kill those eyes with a thick mascara. You will be running home with compliments galore. Compliments always made a foul day, didn’t they?

The On the Go Hot Compress: Technology has always been my best friend. And I love to gather these making-life-easy gadgets. One of them is this really cool Electric Healing Gel Pad/Hot Compress which is super portable. Forget the nasty hot water bottles. Available at any chemist or online too, just plug it on for a few minutes (yes you heard it right). Check the temperature with your hand and take it wherever you go. It will remain hot for about an hour. Ease that weird lower-abdominal pain with this gadget on the go. Simply place it on your tummy while at work or travelling, cover it with a stole. Life sorted!

Gorge On: I have weird cravings from piping hot idli-sambher, a cheese burst pizza, the ubiquitous HCF to a chilled frozen yoghurt with endless chocolate flakes. Just have a bite or the entire thing (if you can handle it) and indulge yourself in the ever-so-lasting bliss. Instant mood-lifter they are, your own cravings!

If all these doesn't help with your period mood enough, go watch this video, you'll go bonkers laughing. A much needed comfort song you see in those days!

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