Thank You Dad - A Letter to him
|   Jun 18, 2014
Thank You Dad - A Letter to him

Letters. Why do we write letters? To get in touch with someone who is far. To hear from someone far behind. But why am I writing this letter to you Dad? Because you are far, farther than ever-imagined and seen. Far in the sky and behind the clouds as they say. Near to the almighty, where no one could see and hear you. Smiling and watching over us from up above.

Well, I just wrote to say Hi. No that would be a lie. I wrote to say many things and ask much more than that. What was the hurry, was there a real need? That you rushed aboard without saying bye. I knew something was troubling you, but just a reminder would have sufficed. Why take it all upon yourself? As you always were, everyone’s hero. And heros don’t tell, they do. As Spiderman said-With great responsibility comes great power. You showed your courage, your power to the world and vanished with a boom.

There was so much; so many to tell you. I just cooked the yummiest chicken curry invented by you. Had to let you taste it. Wanted to hug you and tell, you are the best buddy anyone can have, leave alone the best Dad. And now, two years later, you are a grandparent to a beautiful boy. He has your smile, Dad, your curly hair and an impeccable taste. Yes, he has a personality of his own in just a year. I wanted to thank you for this. For leaving a part of you in him.

I wanted to thank you for that book you gave me-‘’daughters are the best’’. It’s my priced possession. You gave it to me when I could hardly read and now I read it to my little one. Thank you Dad for those inputs and insights. Thank you for your valuable time, for letting me live my life to the fullest. For letting me know there’s always a second time. For when I cried my heart out after every test, letting me know its ok to fail, success won’t seem sweeter without it.

Thank you for believing in me. Letting me sip that beer from your glass and then making a sweet dish out of it. Thank you for never stopping me from trying anything new. Thank you for those wonderful shopping trips which made me your princess. Thank you for being my biggest rock and you will continue to do so. When I close my eyes and say a little prayer, here you are smiling at me and nodding hard. Thank you for being my Dad!

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