What Not to Buy for your Baby- Part 1
|   Jul 28, 2014
What Not to Buy for your Baby- Part 1


You will always get surrounded by a plethora of products as what to buy for your new born or children. Being a cautious parent, you look out for things and products for your baby.  As obvious you want the best for your kid. But seldom, you come across stuff that is not suitable for your baby or should not be bought. You really wished that there was someone who told you the don’ts and what not to use for your precious one thereby saving you and baby from the hazards it may cause. Here’s a list of Ten such things which certainly must not be bought for your child. Speaking out of regular use and thorough experience of being a mom of a year old, here is my not to go buy list for all parents:

Johnson’s & Johnson’s: Though how familiar and synonymous this name is with new borns; Johnson & Johnson’s products should be brought with extreme care. It has been learnt that a lot of duplicate Johnson’s is doing the rounds of market and even gift shops. Some anti-social elements have tried to cash in through the prestigious name which was one a benchmark for childcare and now introduced spurious products with the same name and packing. You won’t even know the difference between the original and the duplicate. Hence; best is not to buy the product and spread the word, not to gift it even. Since Johnson being a foreign company is obviously unaware of the notorious activity and all the products available outside India are genuine. I saved myself the drill, and opted for Himalaya instead. Too Happy with it.

Nuby: Being a modern mother, I ordered a Nuby Sterilizer online anticipating the comfort and convenience it would give me, especially owing to its sleek design and easy to use method. No need to put liters of water in a large container and then wait for the bottles to boil. Mind it, they get boiled, not sterilized, hence the white residue it leaves on the bottles and makes them shabby. It did serve me wonderfully for a few months till it stopped working all of a sudden. It won’t even start, leave alone making steam. Since it was under warranty of one year, I contacted the concerned office and till now I am being given dates and excuses as to when will my product be prepared. Troubled by their callous behavior, I tried to get it fixed by a local mechanic but he too could not repair it. And there lies my Nuby Sterilizer in my backyard junked. Nuby being an international chain, offers too good products, but the Indian office has screwed itself by poor after-sales customer service. Go for better brands which specialize in electronics.

Stuff Toys: No matter how cute that white furry teddy seems; sitting pretty on the baby-shop shelf, resist your temptation to buy it for your new-born. Dirt sticks to anything that is made of fiber, soft and furry to the extent that you have to wash it every time you give it to your baby. Giving something full of dirt and grime is as harmful as letting her play in dirt itself. Then words like colic, diarrhea, fever, worms are the ones you’ll be familiar with. Wait for a few years till you give those soft things to your little one. Till then bring over all possible shapes of rattles and plastic toys which can be washed in an instant.

Expensive/High end branded clothes: The Tommy Hilfigers and Chicco onesies look so adorably cute adorning the shelves of their respective showrooms. You fancy buying one or a few for your little one. Well, again resist the temptation, for a look at the price wont pinch you at first but when your baby grows out of them the very next month, it sure will. Kids grow at an alarming speed and their height and weight changes almost every month. So what is the point of fetching pricey clothes for him when it won’t fit him in a few weeks? Instead, go for non-branded, easy to discard/wear off wardrobe for your little which are neither a hole in your pocket and you can get many such clothes at the price of one branded one.

Sling: Surfing over the net, I came across a baby-sling, which can be worn across your shoulders and has a baby pocket to wear your baby. Makes extremely comfortable for those non-stop feedings and carrying in the early few months as it takes off the pressure of your back, frees your hands and does not put undue pressure on your stomach especially in case of c-sec delivery. But wait, do you really need it, would it seem to be really practical? Well, I ordered mine and used it only once or twice. For we, mothers in India get panicky at the sight of a wailing baby and get ready to feed him whenever and however. Where is the time to put the sling on? Also In foreign countries, mothers are devoid of any help and have to actually carry the baby in sling while doing household chores. But here, we are blessed with family and house helps that do the chores for us. Also the hot and humid climate does not permit anything to be worn over the normal clothes. Simply a waste of money.

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