Stay creative, go origami!
|   Nov 11, 2013
Stay creative, go origami!

Studies on child brain development have shown that children have incredible aptitude for creativity. This creative energy must find proper channels to manifest itself before it can start growing and developing to become a lifelong order. 

Origami is an absolutely engaging recreational activity to indulge in with kids, and delivers huge parallel benefits. Apparently, folding papers may not seem educational. In real, however, origami is known to improve reading, writing and math skills.  It boosts memory and imagination and sets creativity astir! Among older kids it serves the additional purpose of relieving stress. 

Kids just love origami, and engaging them in doing it helps build attention span as they subconsciously engage in analyzing, critical thinking and problem solving. With toddlers , as young as 3 years old, you can start with basic paper folding to give them a sense of shapes and colors, for instance, folding a square to make a triangle – an excellent way to introduce them to basic geometry concepts with the least effort. And by keeping the little hands busy, origami helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

As you progress cultivating this excellent hobby with your child, you will be delighted at the immense joy and sense of satisfaction that children draw from having completed a task – an aspect of growth that will go a long way in honing their emotional development and social skills as well as instilling confidence.

Origami paper, usually square in shape, is available online and in most craft stores. Get one today and make learning a whole lot more creative and enjoyable!


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