An open  letter  to  my  husband...2
|   May 01, 2016
An open  letter  to  my  husband...2

And that secret is that .... I am not a strong woman ( as you think). I am just a girl next door. I am just a normal human being  and nothing special. I have my own limitations and flaws. I am not perfect. I get tired and angry and frustrated. I have my strengths  and  weaknesses. I have some dreams and aspirations  ( I still do). I carry my own  baggage.

All these years,  you have always seen me as  a  strong  woman capable of  handling  everything  that life brings whereas  the reality is that I am shit scared whenever  a problem  arises( specially  if it's related to you and our daughter ).

I cried all night when you  were not giving me attention  just after our marriage  at your parents house. All I wanted was a little care and understanding from you (as I was away from my home and parents). When I had my first  abortion I didn't think I  will be able to  take that but, I survived. And you thought I was strong enough to  handle it.  All I wanted was a little love. When I had a difficult  pregnancy  ,  I  wanted you by my side always as I was very afraid of loosing the second one of the twin pregnancy. All I wanted was some affection and reassurance.  When I was struggling  to  manage home, job and the baby you thought I was strong and independent  enough to do it all by myself.  All I wanted  was a little help. When our daughter was diagnosed  with a medical  condition , it shattered me . I felt helpless and you thought I was strong. All I wanted  was  to be held and told that this too shall pass.

All these years,  when you thought that I was strong enough to handle  life..I was struggling to  survive. All those times when you thought I could handle all those problems  I was scared and confused. Yes, I  am  a  modern, mature independent  woman  but still I need you by my side  always. That's  what a marriage is all about. It's  companionship  in difficult  times and friendship in the good times. I  don't want flowers  and chocolates  or gifts. I  just want  your undivided  attention  and  care.  I just want you by my  side  through thick  and  thin  not just in words but in deeds. I want your help in sailing through the  difficult  times .I still need you and I still love you.

Yours lovingly. ..

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