Bura Na Mano.......
|   Mar 30, 2016
Bura Na Mano.......

Holi- the  festival  of colours  has just gone by and was celebrated with a lot of fervour as always. But there was a thought that cropped up my mind in the evening  when I  was  all exhausted with the  celebrations and later with an unsuccessful  attempt to get rid of the colours. This thought was ....Why do we have so many festivals? Why do we need to  celebrate  all of  them? What  is  the  point of  all this when at the end  of  it all we get so tired?

I  know I sound like  a  spoil sport but seriously ....has no woman (whether working or stay at home)ever in her life thought like that. We already have  so much to take care of  in our lives and then these never ending festivals  add to  the  never ending chores we are expected to  do.

With Diwali,  comes the burden of  cleaning  the house tirelessly  and then redecorating it. Then comes the big question of who has made what delicacies at home and  all women want to outdo each other in their culinary skills. Then the pressure of  looking one's best ( after all these tiring days.....whoa).

Though  this is just one  section  of  the  society (albeit a  larger one). There's  another section which  is  also busy.....like making the domestic  help/staff do all the cleaning and  cooking . Still , they get busy doing the shopping, attending / organizing parties and outdoing each other whether it's the outfit or the jewellery or the expensive gifts.In short , these festivals are tough on our pocket as well as  time, sometimes  health too. Then why  celebrate  them?

Oh yes!.... I  remember  why..... when I was small these festivals meant meeting relatives and  friends, eating sumptuous  food, buying new clothes and yes.......... holidays! And my parents ensured that  we celebrated  each one with lots of  enthusiasm . And because of  that I know what each festival  means and why we need to celebrate  it.  And more than  anything  else, it means coming together  of a family be it by eating together or by burning crackers or applying colours  or flying kites.

And so , no matter how tired I  get I am going to  pass  on  the  same  values and traditions to my daughter through these festivals so that she can pass it  on  to her kids. So.....another festival coming up...Bring it on!

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