Different shades of a mother
|   May 10, 2016
Different shades of a mother

Today, when I sit down to write about my mom, I go down the  memory lane. I always  remember  her as a diva.....as this saree clad  beautiful  woman who used to work hard throughout the  day but still  managed to  look gorgeous. When I used to come back from primary school she used to  make sure  I  did my homework on time. I was  a very bright student all thanks to  her who always found time to  help me in my  studies despite being  the eldest bahu of a joint family with so many responsibilities.  Also, as trivial as it may sound but I  never had a single lice in my hair in my school days all thanks to her as she used to 'see' my hair every single day  after school. I  remember  that coz it was the most dreaded ritual and I could only sail thru it because she used to   narrate the  same  old "hare and tortoise story" every single day. And the story would never end till she completed her work on my hair.

In my pre - teens I remember  her as a dedicated mother.....taking time off  her household  chores to cuddle up with my brother  and me, always making interesting food for us, tending  to  us when we were sick and crying when something  happened  to  me or my  brother. She always raised me and my brother  equally....I would rather say I was the one who was more pampered. If at all she was  biased I always  felt it was towards me as I always got what I wanted ....be it shoes or clothes .

In my teens I remember  her as a friend .... who used to take me shopping,  attend my school meets, chat with my friends and be with me during "those"difficult  days. I  remember  the  comfort I used to feel when I returned  from  school as she was always available  for  us. Be it waking us up for school or preparing our lunch boxes with the customary aaloo sabzi and paranthas. Also, how could I forget my board exams . When I used to be nervous  just before the  exam, she would comfort me by saying "ho jaayega" .Aur woh ho jaata tha.

In my college days I remember  her as a confidante....With whom I shared everything  right from my crushes to  my friends to this boy I met in a marriage ( he's now my husband...).I used  to  trust her with  everything  as she trusted  me with everything. Be it my studies ... I would have missed every exam had she not been there ,or my courtship days....I wouldn't  have got married  to the guy I loved had she not helped us out.

After my marriage I always remember  her as a mother......who used to cry out every time  she was  talking to  me on the phone, who missed me badly when I went away to  my in - laws place, who was happy when I came back to stay in the same city. She became this rock solid support through all the ups and downs,thru the miscarriages,  the difficult  pregnancy,  the new baby, the job.....

After my daughter  was born I remember  her as a doting Nani....who will scold me if dare say  anything to  the little one, who stayed up with me when she was sick, who brought her up so beautifully  while I was away at work, who loved her unconditionally  ( even more than me).

The roles  that she played in  my  life  have changed. What has not changed is her unconditional love and support. My friend, philosopher and guide..my mom.

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