Travel Diaries 2
|   Jun 24, 2016
Travel Diaries 2

"People come here looking for romance. ....but it is an island  babes, if you don't get it here , you won't find it here......" that's  Harrison  Ford in Six days Seven nights saying this to the leading lady. It's  a  story about a  couple who come to these islands  for a romantic  getaway but as fate has it, fall for someone else. A good watch.

Now,  this movie came to  my mind during my holidays.  Ain't  it the same reason we go for holidays?  To get away from  the  daily routine, to spend some good time with our family, to rekindle  the romance , to reignite  the  spark. But on second thoughts,  do we have  a  life  we have to  run away from? If that's  the  case, it's a  sad state. Of course, we  all need a break once in a while  and that's  exactly  why we need these vacations.  But to think that  it will change our equations with our family or spouse ,  is highly overrated.  If we don't  have  that love for each other,  if we don't have that longing....a holiday or two won't change anything. 

It's  important  to make a life that we don't need  to  get away from. It's  important  for  us to spend quality time with each other on a daily basis and  not just once in a week, fortnight, month or year. It's  important  for  us to value the time that we get with each other and make each moment  special. Be it with our spouse  or with our kids. Holidays are a good way to  get  out of  routine and spend more time  with  each other but in the end what matters is the bond. If we can't find time for each other  on a regular basis  and  just keep waiting for  holidays or special days it will never work out. That's  the  reason I personally  don't  believe in mother's  day, father's  day,  daughter's  day etc.etc.  For me ,  every day is the day to be celebrated  when my loved ones are around me. Family needs to  be valued and not taken for granted . We need to form a bond that only strengthens with these holidays but not wait for  the holidays to form a bond. 

Now,  when the holidays are about to get over let's resolve  to make each day special, to find time to  play with our kids each single day,  to find time for that cup of coffee every other day, to take time to hear each other out every single day, to enjoy every moment we get together. ......and then  see how our life turns into a long long holiday.

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