Technology made me a ‘cool mom’ and an ‘awesome professional’ – want to know how?
|   Jul 19, 2015
Technology made me a ‘cool mom’ and an ‘awesome professional’ – want to know how?

The whole debate about Technology ruining the Indian culture, killing conversations, affecting a child’s social skills and blah blah blah (as the argument is endless) seems baseless to me. I conceived at the age of 25years, when most of my friends were still doing this (see below ;-)):

·         Contemplating marriage (I was gutsy enough to take on the challenges marriied life throws at 23years, just because the partner was of my choice!!)

·         Running after shiny careers (BTW I have an equally flourishing one and can boast of being better than many others) or,

·         Were still completing academic degrees (Not that I missed a masters or a vocational degreeJ)

Yet, I don’t think I missed out on any aspect of my life because of marriage or motherhood, because technology was the enabler which let me live all aspects of my life to the fullest. You don’t believe me, you can’t imagine how!!! Well, here is a quick summation of instances when technology came handy and proved to be a boon in my life, rather than being a bane.

·         The journey from conception to delivery : It was a planned decision and hence was received with all possible positivity. Yet, nurturing another life in your body can be an amusing and enticing experience. Thanks to new age portals and mobile applications which act as your personal advisor during these curious times. I could refer to 3D images week after week to see child’s development, interact with other expecting mothers on forums, set reminders for my medicine dosage and doctor appointments and what not!! I wonder how mothers of the past went through the pregnancy procedure obliviously


·         I call this part, fooling the labour: Is that possible? Well, I would say yes. It’s a known fact, that any pain is more mental than physical. If you take it in your stride, know what to expect and figure out a way of dealing with it, nothing is tough. I checked into the labour room at 9pm in the night and was there till 7am, before having to make the decision of going in for a C-sec because of medical requirements. YouTube videos, relaxation exercise, chatting with close friends on watsaap and maintaining my cool by clicking happy labour pictures....Thanks to smartphone and internet- enabled by hardware and software technology, I could fool the labour pain J


·         Brining up my child, from the age of 2 day to 2.9years, there hasn’t been a day when technology hasn't touched our lives – only to enhance it:  It takes good 3 to 6months, for an infant’s sleep cycle to adjust. In my case, the ad-hocism lasted 2 years. So, while the child wanted to play and have fun during nights, I couldn’t expect the world to stay awake and give me company with the little one. Yet, thanks to technology, I could be connected to all night owls on FB, Watsaap and even calls. Luckily, I had a friend in US and my nights were the start of the day for her and our chats refreshed me to get back to the baby happier. Cut- to 2.5 years and my daughter identifies and makes sense of all numbers and alphabets, recites English and Hindi poems fluently and was awarded the most active baby prize at a recent baby show and it would be unfair for me to say that technology didn’t have a part to play in her learning curve so far.


·         Technology has aided parenting for me, and I would never deprive my child of the positivity it can lend to her learning throughout life. But, be it technology or any other external influence, it is what one makes out of it. One can choose to derive benefits out of the technology enabled aids, or refuse to adapt and lead a traditional life, but it is frankly about the choice you make. If we look at new age innovations with a positive and open mind, we will be surprised to realise the good it can do to us.


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