|   Aug 30, 2015

“I will never talk to you, again!”

My heart missed a beat. My entire future life flashed before my eyes. My little daughter growing up, never talking to me. She marries and goes to her husband’s house, still not talking to me. I have so much to talk to her. I have so much to hear from her. I will never!

She was insisting that I buy a Teddy Bear for her. A cupboard in our house is full of her toys. She has one or two favourite toys. Rest of them she never plays with. I know the new Teddy Bear will also be forgotten soon, may be in a few hours.

Trembling with impeding disaster, I give in, “O. K. Let us buy the Teddy Bear.”

“No, I don’t want it. I don’t want any toys. I will never ask you to buy a toy for me.”

All my entreaties fell on deaf ears. All my considerable skills in negotiations and reconciliations failed miserably.

She never uttered another word all the way to home.

She complained to her mother who berated me to make her happy. She requested her to play with her other toys. Thumping her feet she went to her room and slammed the door on my face.

I kept burning in my own hell.

Lo, and behold! In ten minutes my daughter comes out of her room with her doll, “Papa, my doll’s stomach is paining. Please give her the syrup you give to me.

My heart missed a beat. This time out of infinite happiness!

A Papa is, or becomes, a doctor, an engineer, a bed time story teller, and, of course, a superman who could beat classmates’ fathers in everything, boxing not excluded.

But what happened to her ‘Never’? Is eternity, is infinity, so short.

Thank God, it is.

Dronacharya did not forget his insult by King Drupad and kept it pestering in his mind for years till he took his revenge through his students. Drupad, on his part, did not forget the subsequent insult by Dronacharya and produced Shikhandi, Dristdhumn, and Draupadi in a Yagya by Yaaj and Upyaaj to avenge and, as everybody knows, rest is Mahabharat. Shikhandi, of course, was Amba who took her revenge waiting till her next birth and killed Bhism!

Why our ‘Never’ is not like that of little children’s. Why our regrets and sorrows, pain and sufferings, hurt and betrayals, are not like little children’s.

We do teach our children the meaning of ‘Never’. But should not we also teach them that most of the things are never for ‘Never’? They are best forgotten and forgiven sooner than never.

Of course, we should also teach them never to say never again, especially when it concerns not talking to Papa.

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