Self Defence should be made compulsory in schools
|   Feb 18, 2016
Self Defence should be made compulsory in schools

In the wake of current times, we all are tensed about the safety of our kids. Our kids go to school, we are not sure how safe they are. Our safety meter for schools is only as strong as the school’s practices. While at home, playing outside, going for extra classes or other activities we forever worry about how safe is that place. The safety situation all the more worrisome, if both parents are working and kids need to be left alone at home or otherwise for even sometime.

To a step towards remedy of this, and to gain a little bit of peace of mind, the school authorities should take initiative and make self defence classes compulsory for all children, starting from nursery itself. Even the smallest kids are today at a risk of being assaulted or taken advantage of. This will instill a sense of confidence in them that they are able to achieve a certain breakthrough in defence of themselves.

There are so many options to choose from Judo, Taekwando, Jeet Kune Do and many more. Additionally the parents may also take initiative and enroll them in such classes. But again it will create and additional job for them. Its best the school takes up upon themselves to achieve this target and charge the parents accordingly.

In Western countries most people take up self defence training, to enhance confidence and to be fearless when they travel.

In our country, the rate of crime against women is very high so it is imperative for especially girls to be trained in self defence. It will give them a sense of security. The mindset towards women is changing, they are into full time jobs more, even doing night shifts, taking up both home and work responsibilities and with support of family, coming out with flying colours. The attitude of society is more open now but this will take ages to accomplish. Till then why don’t we do a bit of preemption and get on with this job.

Not only girls, small kids are at a very high risk today while venturing out of home. As parents we will be a bit relieved if we know that our kids are perfectly capable to taking care of themselves, should the situation ever arrive. While teaching our kids to be independent, skilled and self dependent, I feel this is also an important lesson for their lives.

I would personally recommend this training should be taken up by all old and young.

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