Weight issues of moms
|   Jul 21, 2017
Weight issues of moms

My Sixth Article- Weight issues of modern moms. OMG!!! I am not fitting in my pants I guess I have put on weight oh no…… There are some moms like me who might be suffering from weight issues now a days. We all want to be very slim and trim. Weight of every women shoots up to some extent post pregnancy due to hormonal changes and many of thwm are lucky to get back to normal body weight and structure after a period of time. But some like me are struggling to get back to normal.

 Now a days many of them consult good dietician for proper food diet to reduce weight. Some even join gym,yoga, Zumba and many other activities to get back on track. It's good to keep yourself fit and fine but one should not forget that it takes time to bring yourself to shape one must keep patience and should slowly follow all things or diet given by instructors​. Eat dry fruits and fruits in morning and avoid fried stuff. Add protein to your diet more then carbohydrates, if possible have early dinner. Eating healthy stuff, having meals on proper time , avoiding junk food will help you out. Also walking is a best thing to keep urself fit, along with it involving yourself in daily chores will help you to be in good shape.

  It's human nature to think of things that we try to avoid or neglect. Same goes for sweets when deiting. One thing which comes first in mind is to avoid eating​ sweets, but for many of them who loves​ sweets including me, we need to keep control on our mind and our hands and be strong so that results can be seen surely. 

Women wants to look beautiful . Infact I would rather say being a woman is beautiful. Let her be fat or thin tall or slim . women want to wear nice clothes so for that we need to fit in it. I want to say one thing either you be fat or thin you should be healthy and a mom should always be healthy as she has to take care of baby plus all households works,. Wish u all the best to all moms. are beautiful growing a child is not a easy work, love u all

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