#StopJudging It's My Life
|   Mar 17, 2017
#StopJudging It's My Life

Judging is one of the favourite pastimes of people. It seems that it is the best that they can do and if there was a competition, then believe me there would be a close finish. I have been judged for the choices I made. Being a homemaker gives people reasons to judge and form opinions.

I take pride in being a homemaker and am proud of my choice but the reactions that I get from people make me think that I have committed some heinous crime and cannot be pardoned. Each day and at every walk of life, I am judged and given a chance to reconsider my decision. The opinion that people form of me varies from being sarcastic to outrageously hilarious. According to them I am a homemaker because:

  • I was academically not good
  • I bugged my exams
  • I have no talent
  • My husband does not allow me to work.

The recent one kept me pondering when a neighbour casually came to inquire about my child’s studies and remarked that it’s obvious she will do good as you are always at home.Was she ignorant or was it a selective Yes I am a homemaker and I have many better things to do than just whiling away my time, gossiping or running after kids.  I have been a working woman and then decided to be a homemaker and believe me it’s not an easy job. It’s more challenging and you have to be on tenterhooks all the time. I chose to be a homemaker and nobody forced me to. It was a tough decision but I took the call as my kids wanted me to be with them and I wanted to capture each and every moment of my child. Managing everything and taking each day with a pinch of salt is an art that I have mastered lately.

Why do we equate happiness or talent with a job? How will it make me happy if even after delegating all the tasks, I struggle to find time to be with my kids and be with them mentally?I get an innate sense of happiness and am in a benign peace when I see the happy faces of my kids and husband when I cook their favourite dishes or spending a day just playing and laughing at silly jokes. The happiness I get is worth million dollars and I will not trade this for anything else.

 Stop Judging Me. It’s my Life and when I feel like, I will start working again.

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