Hand Wash, Hygiene And Help A Child Reach 5!
|   Nov 03, 2015
Hand Wash, Hygiene And Help A Child Reach 5!

We have all grown up watching the old jingle ;

“Lifebuoy hai jaha, tandarusti hai waha”

(Lifebuoy soap helps us lead healthy lives!)

The imagery of a child washing his hands with lifebuoy to ward away germs stuck on. It was ingrained in my head right from the time I was a kid that my hands had to be washed properly before I could eat my food, after I came back from play, each time I touched my shoes or went to the toilet. It’s an unconcious habit now, and it’s something I train my kids to do as well. While I may not have understood the relevance then, I know for a fact today that it is a healthy habit and protects my family from health hazards. But then how many of us realise it’s importance? Specially, people living in the rural areas cite it as unwarranted.

Do you know that one child dies every 15 seconds in India due to poor hygeine?

Could you even think that washing hands properly is not a trivial issue and can be life-saving for thousands in India?

Every year, more than 6 million children die before they reach the age of five, many due to preventable infections. Over 40% of these deaths occur in the neonatal period, when children are most vulnerable. Hygiene, particularly handwashing with soap, is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent many of these deaths. Lifebuoy’s programmes aim to increase awareness of the importance of handwashing with soap, as well as changing behaviours to make it a habit everywhere.

Some facts to keep in mind

• Hands are the main pathways of germ transmission during health care.

• Hand hygiene is therefore, the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care-associated

Just stop and ponder for sometime, why doctors who move around infections and disease all the time are safe from catching it themselves. They take proper care, wear masks and most importantly wash and sanitise their hands a zillion times and in the right manner.


Refer to the chart below for an understanding.

In 2012, Lifebuoy launched the Help a Child Reach 5 campaign, to raise awareness of the importance of good handwashing habits, with the aim of reducing child deaths due to preventable infections. The Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 on-ground handwashing behaviour change programme started in Thesgora, a village in Madhya Pradesh that has one of the highest rates of child diarrhoea in India. The impact of this programme was huge, with mothers reporting reduction in incidence of diarrhoea from 36% to 5%, and 26% more children washing their hands before meals. Since 2010 Lifebuoy has changed the 'hand washing' behaviours of 257 million people across 24 countries.

This year, Lifebuoy is taking its message to new mothers, building awareness and improving hand hygiene habits during the crucial first 28 days after delivery (the neonatal period).

Hindustan Unilever India has joined hands with Children’s Investment Fund Foundation(CIFF) and Kajol Devgan for this very ignored but very essential cause.

“I was truly touched to see the new film on neonatal care – Future Child.We need to continue to scale up handwashing and sanitation behaviour change programmes to reach more people with life-saving messages and help reduce child mortality. I am proud to be part of Lifebuoy’s Help a Child Reach 5 handwashing programme over the past three years.”


Please watch the film by clicking here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsnP_6kdtDY and share it with an expecting mother. Or if you are an expecting mother pledge with Kajol and Chamki to remember to wash your hands properly. This film compels you to pick up the cause, however trivial it may have sounded to you earlier.


For more information, please visit http://www.lifebuoy.com/socialmission/help-childreach5/.


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