Mother's Day Is A Wishful Dream
|   May 14, 2015
Mother's Day Is A Wishful Dream

After the much hyped activity on my blog this Mothers Day and week. I am back to doing my full-time job, being a MOMMY! If  you ask me what I got for Mothers day, I may not have an answer to it. Though I made sure it was special for my mom. I do understand the importance for making it special for her ever since I became a mom, and as for me I think I have to wait for a few more years before my brats understand that :). I at times feel that I end up writing this blog, just to reach out to mommies like me, who want to do so much more than just being a mommy. Searching people who will resonate my beliefs and tell me, it's ok to be selfish at times. We all love our kids and our families and want to do best for them. But then being a mommy is not the only identity we have, we are individuals too. And every individual needs to indulge in more than one passion.

This is how my days look like. I start my day by seeing everyone off. Bye hubby, bye-bye kids (glee). Then get to finishing my chores which range from,  cooking, cleaning....well have a quick look at this to get the complete picture. This could have been a dream come true this Mother's Day ...sigh!!


Head to the gym!Head to the gym! This voice is agonising my pain even more. I shut it off, at least try and lower the volume while I enjoy sipping on my tea for some more time. But then this voice goes stronger and reminds me that if I don't go and exercise now, there is no way I am going to fit into that dress that I have been saving for my friend's party. And now with added responsibility, I can't talk to my readers about fitness routine, if I don't follow one. Reluctantly, I dump everything and don my gym gear and run to the gym and sweat my guts out. Let me share what I actually do when I finally hit the gym.


A bucket of sweat and pint of satisfaction later, I head home and look forward to a much earned rest. It's 12 pm already? I have just about two hours to have a bath, have lunch and blog. Oh yes, I should nap in between. So starts the big rush. Bath, eat, blog. "Oops!" It's past 2 pm already. Rush to the bus stop to pick up kids. Oh wait, I can send the maid and get 15 minutes of nap time. So the maid is sent off and I manage a few winks. The brats arrive :)!

After this the next few hours are. Like out from a time loop;

"How was your school today?

Eat your food!

Change your clothes!

Let's play mommy!

Sit down and do your homework!

Go down to play!

Eat food!

Sleep! Please Sleep? I love you, but can you please sleep now?"

"Hey kids daddy is here!" I try to get them distracted for some time. While I catch up on some of my favourite soaps on Television. 


And they are back! "Ok, will tell you a story but we have to switch the lights off!"  I concoct a new story everyday to suit their mood. There was once a super hero who lived in this far, far away land....blah..blah! Slowly, the magic weaves and they sleep off. 

Whew, my day has ended! Once the brats are off to sleep, it is time for some more blogging, till I crash off. But before I do, I check on the kids to see if they are properly tucked in. To see brats once in the day looking like these beautiful angels, smiling away in their sleep.


Being a mommy is the toughest non-paying job I have ever had, but it's those hugs and that kisses and smiles, I get from my brats that makes up for it and more. That kind of defines being a Motherhood for me. So yes,  #EveryDayIsMothersDay for me :) .

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